4 easy spring forward in health tips


1…chemical detoxification, the body, the home, cosmetics, cookware, clothing and more. First up is a short fast on liquid only, or a raw diet for a week or more…either of these is great for cleansing and clearing out chemicals from the blood and tissue.
Next step is to access the home. What chemicals are u using? Switch to borax, baking soda, cheap vinegar, lemon oils and orange oils. No bleach, no need. Chemical free laundry and no dryer sheets, toxic crap. Next is cosmetics, personal products…which if u research, nothing more than toxicity for the hormones and blood. Make own lotions, use coc oil, essential oils for body, hair, toothpaste, etc. Castille soaps work great for body,hair,shaving,etc. Apple cider vin for hair and skin! Women….get rid of toxic polish, lip stick, lotion and makeup! Spend a few bucks if necessary to buy non toxic carp. Skin is bigger organ, treat your blood right.
Cookeware…matters, same with carrying and drinking clean water out of glass. Bring water with u. Switch to titanium, glass, skillet, stainless and ceramic. No microwave in kitchen. Toss it!!

2…Salt! Get off processed foods as much as poss. Throw all white salt away. Buy in bulk…real Himalayan or Celtic or black salts. Use in small doses everyday. Build digestive fire and feed your cells with organic sodium and all the other minerals present. Minerals and enzymes are the spark and builder of all life!

3…Sugar and non nutritional carbs! Ditch the cakes, goodies,soda, etc. Switch to real inulin agave, birch xylitol, stevia …yuck! Raw honey in small doses ok. Yacon, monk sugars are good as well. U can’t be crazy about giving up all luxuries in life. Bake with low glycemic sugars and non gluten flours for a treat now and again. Diets don’t work, whole foods and cutting the chemicals is the biggest issue. Msg, sugars, hfcs , fluoride, bromine,etc are your real enemies!

4…Nature! Get outside! Garden barefoot, walk in the grass, jump in cold water, immerse yourself in the healing energy of the universe! Get on the ground, no shoes. Clean up your yard, stop spraying any chemicals on the grass and plants…u will soon notice birds, hummingbirds, and most of all bee’s! These critters are pollinators and are not stupid, like we are…they will be in abundance in your environment once you STOP using chemicals! Get your neighbors on board to a healthy ecosystem as well!

Peace, love and holistic living everyone!