12 Powerful Health Benefits In Just One Celery Stick


Celery is very common food all over world now, and cultivated all over North America as a salad crop. It has its origins in Egypt and India.Also has plenty of health benefits and fantastic nutritional value. 95% of its constituents is water, celery is food filled with fibre and has an endless health properties. Celery contains protein, sulfur, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B1 and C.

12 Powerful Health Benefits In Just One Celery Stick

Lowers Blood Pressure
Celery seeds contain hexanic, methanolic, and aqueous-ethanolic extracts which has blood pressure lowering properties that improve circulation, lower inflammation and help control blood pressure.

Cure Cancer
Studies have shown that celery contains polyacetylenes compound that helps in reducing toxicity and fights against cancer formation, specifically breast cancer, intestinal cancer and leukemia.

Boost immune system
Celery rich in vitamins C and minerals that helps support the immune system against harmful pathogens.

Alkaline Balance
Celery contains nutrients in it that help regulate the body’s alkaline balance, which helps protect your body from becoming over acidity.

Calms the nerves
Celery contain plant hormones and magnesium that soothe and calm the nervous system. Eating celery can help treat insomnia and combat stress and anxiety.

Improve Kidney function
The diuretic activity of celery helps promote healthy and normal kidney function. Celery helps in the elimination of toxins from the body and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Reduces Inflammation
Celery contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and inflammation in the body.  Add celery to soups, salads, for more benefits, it also helful in asthma, acne and arthritis.

Eye Health
Celery contains lots of Vitamin A which is important for good eye health and for preventing age related eye disease.

Reduces bad cholesterol
It has butylphthalide component which reduces bad cholesterol. Eat at least two stalks of celery every day, you can actually reduce your cholesterol level to 7%.

Anti-ageing properties
Celery is a good source of Vitamins A and C, which act as anti-oxidants and protect your skin from the signs of aging caused by free radicals. They also contain Vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

Treat gout
Celery has anti-inflammatory compound called COX-2 inhibitors that reduce uric acid levels that are the cause of gout. Eating celery sticks and taking celery seed extract can, actually, eventually, eliminate gout attacks.

Great Aphrodisiac
Celery is used as an aphrodisiac as well. It contains androstenol and androstenone component which stimulate the release of pheromone in both men and women and enhance sexual power.





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