12 Amazing Benefits of Raisins for Health and Beauty


The benefits of raisin are various, ranging from acidosis, constipation, anemia, sexual dysfunction and anemia. Raisins are obtained by drying the grapes either in driers or in the sun so that they will turn golden, green, or black in color. Despite of its crinkly look, it is one of the healthiest snacks all around the world.  It is an irreplaceable as a healthy choice of the dry fruits category. In reality, they are an irreplaceable choice among many fruits of the world. They are a really suitable alternative to chocolates and candies due to its sweet taste. They could be eaten in the raw form or used in baking, cooking, and brewing. Besides, they are widely used in cultural cooking in cookies, desserts, puddings, pies and savory dishes. This article will help you figure out how beneficial raisins are through top 10 amazing benefits of raisins for health and beauty.

Most Noticeable Benefits of Raisins that May Surprise You

  1. Anemia

Raisins are a rich source of copper, iron, and B complex vitamins which are important for red blood cell formation. The regular consumption of this fruit could help treat iron deficiency anemia and accelerate the blood clotting during wound healing.

  1. Digestion

One of the most noticeable benefits of raisins is digestion improvement. Containing a large amount of fibres, which provides a relief from constipation, raisins are very good for bowel movements. The fibres within raisins can eliminate toxins and wastes from the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. Weight Management

This may be the most well-known benefit when it comes to health benefits of raisins. For those who are desperately trying to gain weight, then consuming raisins is a good solution. Raisins are rich in glucose and fructose; therefore, they give you lots of energy. They can help you gain weight without raising the cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, when consumed in proper proportion, and combined with physical exercise, raisins could aid in losing weight. The high fibre content of raisins can keep you full for a long period of time.

  1. Energy

Because raisins are rich in carbohydrates, particularly natural sugars, this fruit can give you a boost of energy without weighing you down. Therefore, raisins are a great pre- or post- workout snack. It contains about 130 calories plus with 31 grams of carbohydrates in each ¼ cup portion. According to nutrition experts, raisins are feasible energy-boosting alternative to those sport jelly beans during the high-intensity endurance workouts.

  1. Acidity

Raisins consist of magnesium and potassium in good amounts. They can help decrease the acidity and remove toxins from the body system, thereby preventing some common diseases such as kidney stones, gout, arthritis, and heart diseases.

  1. Infections

When it comes to benefits of raisins, one of the most less-known benefits of raisins is treating infections. It contains polyphenolic phytonutrients, which are famous as anti-inflammatory antioxidants. They can exhibit the antibacterial properties which help kill bacteria and decrease the risk of fever. Hence, consuming a few raisins each day could keep you safe from common health problems, such as infections.

  1. Sexual Weakness

To improve your sex life, you can make use of raisins. They contain Arginine – an amino acid that can induce arousal and increase libido. It is good for males and used to treat erectile dysfunction. Besides, the extra energy taken from raisins could also boost your conjugal life.

  1. Eyes

As mentioned above, raisins are rich in polyphenoleic phytonutrients that are antioxidants helping in keeping the eyes healthy. These substances help in protecting the human eyes by decreasing the free radical actions which cause muscular degeneration and cataract and weaken the vision. Because raisins have vitamin A, A-Carotenoid and beta carotene, they are very good for the eyes.

  1. Dental Care

Another benefit among the most appreciated benefits of raisins is dental care. Raisins have a large amount of oleanolic acid that is one of phytochemicals that is essential to keep the teeth safe from cavities, decay, and brittle teeth. Raisins could prevent the development of bacteria within the mouth, so they keep the teeth in good shape. In addition, containing calcium in good amounts, raisins also prevent the teeth from breakage or peeling away.

  1. Bones

If you consume raisins, you will automatically take advantage of the good amounts of calcium in them. Calcium is good for the bone health, so it helps prevent arthritis and gout.

  1. Skin

Having a large amount of antioxidants, raisins could be useful in maintaining glowing and healthy skin. They consist of resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant which could slow down skin aging. Consuming raisins will help you purify your blood by eradicating black and toxic cells, and improve the red blood cell formation by providing oxygen to your skin. The blood purifying properties of this fruit, as a result, can make your skin radiant, clear, beautiful and nourished.

  1. Hair

When it comes to benefits of raisins, benefits for beauty cannot be skipped thanks to the high content of vitamin B complex, iron, potassium, and antioxidant, which play a crucial role in making your hair shiny, healthy, and nourished. If you consume raisins regularly, you could decrease hair loss and prevent baldness.





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