10 Reasons to Start Drinking Kombucha


Kombucha is a fermented tea that is currently all the rage.  While it is gaining popularity among health nuts and foodies, it has actually been around for thousands of years.  This drink originated in China in the third century B.C, making its way around the world. Today, it is popular in many cultures.

But why should you make kombucha  part of your day?  This fermented green, black and white tea is packed with health benefits.  Today, we know that drinking, or eating, something fermented every single day can help with gut help, help to detoxify the body, and even give you more energy.

Read on to see what this tea drink can do for you:

1.  Detoxify the body:  Kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which is a detoxicant.  This helps to convert  toxins in the body into compounds that the body can then excrete.   Drinking kombucha has also been shown to help prevent your tissues from absorbing industrial toxins outside, in the environment.

2. Antioxidant properties:  Full of antioxidants, such as vitamins E, C, beta-carotene, and carotenoids,  kombucha has plenty of power.  Drinking traditional kombucha can actually help cure chronic illnesses that are brought on by oxidative stress.

Additionally, the high level of vitamin C in kombucha helps to support the body’s immune system and protect you from cell damage, tumors and inflammatory diseases.

3.  Provides energy: Need a little extra pick me up?  The iron in kombucha raises your body’s levels of hemoglobin and improves the flow of oxygen to your tissues. This gives you an immediate burst of energy, and can keep you going all day.

4.  Balances metabolism:  Drinking kombucha can help balance your body’s metabolism which can even help you lose weight.

5. Decrease blood sugar:  Along with balancing the metabolism for weight loss, kombucha can also decrease the body’s blood sugar levels.  This means that it can both control appetite and help get rid of, and prevent, diabetes.

6.  Treats high blood pressure:  Kombucha has been used to prevent the headaches and dizziness that are a byproduct of high blood pressure.  In fact, it has even been recommended as a treatment for hypertension. So if you or someone you know suffer from high blood pressure, adding a cup of kombucha a day can decrease, or even get rid of, these headaches and dizzy spells.

7. Prevents iron deficiency: Those who are anemic will want to add kombucha to their repertoire right away. The organic acids found in the drink have been shown to make iiron from plant sources more available to the body.  The vitamin C in kombucha enhances iron absorption, so these two properties can help prevent anemia all together.

8.  Heals ulcers:  Research has shown that kombucha can help to heal ulcers. This is great news for anyone who suffers, and has to purchase over-the-counter remedies on a regular basis.  Instead, drink a cup of kombucha every day for the same relief!

9.  Lowers cholesterol: Anyone who high cholesterol levels will be happy to know that kombucha has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.  It also helps to raise the ‘good’ cholesterol levels.  Studies on animals have shown that kombucha can decrease cholesterol levels by as much as 50%.

10.  Reduces headaches, depression and nervousness:   Kombucha contains a number of amino acids that help the nervous system perform normally. This means that anyone with headaches, depression and even epilepsy may benefit from kombucha.  It removes, or reduces, these problems and allows you to function on a more even keel.

Why not add a cup of kombucha to your daily regimen today?




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