10 Reasons to Eat More Avocado


It is amazing, but more research than ever seems to be piling up about the apparently healthiest of superfoods! Not only is avocado delicious and versatile, its health benefits are seemingly endless and some of them you may not even be aware of. Ten of the best health reasons to eat this amazing “superfruit” are listed below.

Benefit Pregnant Women

Avocadoes are a natural source of folates and folic acid, needed by pregnant women to prevent serious neural tube defects like spina bifida in the developing fetus.

Contain Healthy Fats

The healthy, monounsaturated fats in avocadoes can actually support good cardiac healthy by positively impacting both cholesterol and blood pressure; it can also help promote stable blood sugars for diabetics.

Great Source of Vitamin E

Avocados are rich in Vitamin E, an powerful antioxidant which has been liked to reduced chances of developing many serious conditions such as heart disease, cancer and strokes; it can also help slow the aging process.

Dietary Fiber

This fruit is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. This combination has many benefits, including the regulating of post-meal blood sugar levels, improved digestion and bowel regularity and reduction in cholesterol levels.

No Chance of GMO

To date, there are no genetically modified avocados available on the market, so even if you buy non-organic avocados, you are probably safe since their very thick skin offers them protection from pesticides.

Good for Brain Health

Regular consumption of avocadoes has also been linked to improved brain health and overall cognitive function and to the reduced chance of developing degenerative neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Better Absorption

It has been shown that regular consumption of avocadoes leads to the body’s being able to better absorb important nutrients like the antioxidants lycopene and carotene. Researchers suspect this may be the case because of enzymes in the fruit that aid digestion and absorption in general.

Stroke Prevention

The high level of folate in avocadoes has been shown to not just be good for the nervous system of developing fetuses: it is also good for neurological health in adults and has been linked to a reduced chance of a stroke.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Apart from their healthy fats, avocadoes have been found to contain a compound known as beta-sitosterol which has also been linked to cholesterol reduction, sometimes in as little as a week after regular consumption begins.

Eye Health

Lastly, eating avocado regularly increases your levels of an antioxidant called lutein. This, in turn, can reduce your chances of developing serious eye-related illnesses like macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness.

So, just in case you needed any excuse to get out and buy more avocados, here are ten more great reasons to celebrate this wonderful fruit.

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Meghan Telpner
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