10 Herbs & Foods To Increase Breast Milk Naturally; Alternative To GMO Baby Formulas


The nursing phase is one when a mother requires a lot of attention with regards to her food and health. It’s quite normal to worry about your milk supply when you start breastfeeding your baby. Making milk from your baby is better than any other method to make milk. The stimulation of the nerves during breastfeeding helps produce more milk in the breasts. If you want to increase your breast milk supply, try adding these herbs and foods that promote milk production and they are better and safe than GMO baby formulas. Foods or herbs that help increase milk supply are called galactagogues.

10 Herbs & Foods To Increase Breast Milk Naturally


Fenugreek is the strongest and one of the best herbs that increase milk production. Generally, after a day or two, mothers who started taking this herb already notice a change in their milk production. You will know if you are taking a correct dosage if you sweat smells like a maple syrup. Used around the world in cooking and baking, fenugreek is a good source of protein, iron, vitamin C and more.


This weed might help with your milk supply. Chinese as well as Native American medicine used dandelion to promote postpartum recovery and help build milk supply. All parts of the dandelion are edible — the leaves and roots can be sautéed or added to a salad raw. Or you can drink dandelion tea. If you are on diuretic medication, do not use dandelion.

Raspberry Tea

Raspberry tea increases the production estrogen in the body. Estrogen is the one responsible for the milk production of a woman who just gave birth. It also strengthens the uterus muscles that decrease the pain after childbirth and while breastfeeding.

Fennel Seed

Taken throughout Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries as well as India for centuries, this herb has been shown to greatly enhance milk production in lactating women. Some women experience a doubling of breast milk supply with fennel seed.

Holy Basil

Holy basil tea is a traditional beverage for breastfeeding mums. There is no research to suggest it increases breastmilk production but it is believed to have a calming effect, improve bowel movement and promote a healthy appetite.


Alfalfa leaf is an herb with many beneficial vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Alfalfa is estrogenic, and promotes pituitary function, which is thought to be the way it works for increasing breastmilk supply. Consider adding alfalfa sprouts or seeds to your salad, or on a sandwich. Alfalfa also comes as a supplement in capsule form.

Milk Thistle

Aside from being a great tonic for the liver, milk thistle has been shown to increase milk supply over a placebo in clinical studies. Silybum marianum, or milk thistle can help to reduce the toxic overload in a nursing mother as well as increase her baby’s milk.


Garlic is very nutritious, and it’s a healthy addition to most diets. It is thought to be a galactagogue, helping nursing mothers make more breast milk. It’s also believed that the taste of the garlic in the breast milk may help keep breastfed babies nursing longer.

Cumin Seeds

As well as stimulating milk supply, cumin seeds are said to improve digestion and provide relief from constipation, acidity and bloating. Cumin seeds are an integral part of many Indian dishes and are a source of calcium and riboflavin (a B vitamin).


During and post pregnancy, there are hormonal imbalance that takes place in your body. Dried apricots have certain chemicals which balance out the hormone levels in your body. Apricots are rich in calcium and fibre and help boost lactation.

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