10 Easy Ways To Eat Organic Food Without Breaking The Bank


We all know the fact that organic food is better for our health. It is more nutritious, not sprayed with nasty chemicals, non-GMO and supports local farmers. Although more people are turning to organic produce, and hopefully this will drive prices down in the future, today most organic food is still quite pricey.

So today I’m going to share with you my secrets to eat organic foods without breaking the bank.


1.   Look Further Than Your Grocery Bill

Statistics show that people who mostly buy their food organic spend 20% more on groceries, but what the numbers are not showing is that these people are more likely to spend less money on a monthly basis if you take all medical and pharmacy bills in account. So it actually pays off to spend your money on organic food.

2.   Buy In Bulk

Buy food in bulk when there is a sale. Organic grains, seeds and nuts will last quite long when you store them properly. Fresh produce can be frozen for later use. Label frozen food with a date and make sure to eat them within 6 months to avoid nutrient loss.

Or look for products that are close to their expiration date, most stores will lower their price, but make sure to eat them right away.

3.   Start Small

Going organic or eating a clean diet is not an all or nothing thing. Start with achievable things. Some food sources are more polluted than others. The Environmental Working Group offers a great list. We always buy organic berries, spinach, or apples, but avocados for instances are quite safe and there is actually no need to buy them organic if you can’t spare the money.

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4.   In-store Certified Organic Foods

With a growing population that is choosing organic above conventional food, most stores offer their own line of organic foods that are much cheaper than the more famous brands. Wild Harvest, Greenwise, SimplyNature and Trader Joe’s are a few examples that can help you to save a lot of money.

5.   Join A CSA Program

CSA stand for community supported agriculture. CSA offers boxes with local, organic produce that is delivered to your door for a reasonable price. So not only will you save some money and time, you’ll be supporting local farmers as well.

6.   Join Co-Op

Quite similar to a CSA program, co-ops offer cheap, healthy food baskets, cooking and gardening classes and community benefits. You can even sign up as a volunteer and pay your monthly fees by working some hours instead of paying cash. Click here to find a co-op in your area.

7.   Visits Local Farmers Markets Or A Nearby Farm

If you have a local farmers market or farm close by, buy your fresh produce there. They are much cheaper, especially when you buy them in bulk. Find one in your neighborhood here.

8.   Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food is fun and isn’t so hard. These days there are even vertical gardens, pyramid gardens, etc available if you don’t have that much space to plant your own food garden. Some vegetables and herbs can even be grown in small apartments in pots on your window sill.

And another cool thing, try and convince your neighbors, friends and family to grow their own food as well and swap your food with theirs.  And if you are producing more than you can eat, freeze them for later use.

9.   Check For Coupons

Just as with conventional food, there are many coupons out there for organic food that could save you a lot of money.

10.  Try To Eat Less Meat

If you are not a vegetarian or vegan start with one meatless day a week. This will save you a lot of money. We eat meat twice or thrice a week and the money we save with that we spend on organic meat and fresh organic produce. And with so many vegetarians and vegans out there, there are so much healthy and delicious recipe for you to choose from.


One last thing, if you head to the store, make sure to shop with a list to avoid impulse buys. This also helps to proper meal planning and saves time and money.


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Amy Goodrich
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