Why Vitamin K2 Is The New Superfood


Vitamin K2 is the new superfood, as scientists are discovering. Superfoods are those foods revered for their nutrient density and benefits to the body overall. Scientists have only recently discovered that this vitamin is a highly necessary one for bone density and development, to build strong teeth and facial bones, to keep our arteries and hearts free of calcification, to promote prostate health, to slow aging, especially of the tissues and skin, and for contributing to overall health of the brain.

Let’s take a closer look at this new super-nutrient, how it works, how it benefits the body and how to get enough of it.

Vitamin K 2: What to Know

K2 is hard to get in the diet, especially if you are on a low-fat diet. Many people are deficient in K2, and deficiency in K2 can lead to premature aging, cardiovascular problems, developing bone deformities, and a high level of tooth decay. It can also contribute to the development of a Dowager’s hump.

Vitamin K2 works synergistically with Vitamin D3 in the body. In nature, you always see these two vitamins together. One cannot work without the other, not if you want calcium to make it to the bones instead of calcifying the arteries. So, eating a diet rich in K2 is important, that and getting enough D3, which can be done through absorbing some of the sun’s rays each day (20-30 minutes), using a lux box, or taking a supplement where K2 and D3 are combined.

Those lowest in K2 tend to be people taking a lot of people with a lack of good beneficial gut bacteria, those with digestive issues, and individuals taking a lot of antibiotics (antibiotics kill beneficial gut bacterial).

Top Food Sources of Vitamin K2

K2 is a hard vitamin to get into the body naturally. We need 1,000 mcg daily and hard cheeses, for example, only have about 75 mcg. an ounce, meaning you’d have to eat a lot of hard cheese (which is not good for the waistline, of course).

Foods richest in K2

  • Goose liver pâté
  • Grass-fed organic animal products (eggs, butter, dairy)
  • Fermented foods such as Natto (natto has 750 mcg. btw, if you can get past the taste of these fermented soybeans).
  • Certain cheeses such as Brie and Gouda

The Major Benefits of K2 for the Body

Here are science-based health benefits of Vitamin K2:

  • K2 Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

The most important factor of Vitamin K2, although it has many important benefits, are its benefits for cardiovascular health. Only recently have scientists begun to see what really causes calcification and clogged arteries—finding it is not fat that clogs arteries, but calcium. That’s because calcium, K2, and D3 work as a complex or they do not work well at all. K2 is that missing component we’ve all lacked that puts calcium where it should be (bones and teeth) and rapidly shuttles it out of areas where it shouldn’t be (arteries, the tissue, and the kidneys). In fact, it is for this reason it heals and prevents kidney stones as well as healing and preventing calcification of the arteries and other cardiovascular problems caused by them.

  • K2 is Essential to Strong Bones and Teeth

Interacting with Vitamin D3 and calcium, K2 is the “pusher” that gets calcium in the bones and the teeth. In fact, this vitamin is so good for teeth and the facial bones that when women take it while pregnant, they prevent teeth deformities of all kinds in their young. So yes, calcium is important, but we need K2 with it to get it in the proper places, like bones and teeth. K2 is now being looked to as a potential cure and preventative for osteoporosis as well.

  • K2 is The Missing Link to Prostate Health

In a 2015 article published in Medical Hypothesis, one doctor called K2 the new “missing link” to prostate health. This is because “poor prostate health is essentially a vitamin K insufficiency disorder.” Research has also shown that K2 has reversed some cases of prostate cancer and is now being looked to as a potential cure for this killing disease.

  • K2 Is Essential Brain Food

There’s a wave of studies being conducted right now into how vitamin K2 can protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have found already, however, that those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s always have considerable deficiencies in Vitamin K2. It is essential therefore for preventing Alzheimer’s, we know for certain.

  • K2 Cures Varicose Veins, Ladies!

Because K2 is so good for flushing out the arteries and the formation of strong bones, it is also good for healing varicose vein. Until now, there was no known cure for varicose veins. Vitamin K2 has been shown to not only prevent varicose veins but to heal them as well.

  • K2 May Cure Prostate Cancer and Stops Proliferation of Other Cancers

K2 is being hailed as a new cure and preventative for prostate cancer and other problems. But cancer research is not just stopping there with this super-nutrient. K2 is proving to halt the proliferation of cancer cells in general, even in patients with leukemia. It has also proven to halt the spread of lung cancer.

  • K2 Keeps Skin Young, Taut, and Youthful

Did you ever wonder why Japanese women have that wonderful, translucent skin that stays youthful so long compared to that of women from other countries? That’s because of the K2-rich natto they consume for breakfast regularly, scientists believe. This is because just as K2 pushes calcium out of the arteries, it also prevents excess calcium from accumulating in the elastin of the skin, which causes the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Studies have also found a connection between bone health.


K2 is now being studied as a new potential preventer and cure for so many debilitating diseases that have stymied scientists for decades and decades now. It may be a potential cure for cancers of all kinds, a new cure and preventative for Alzheimer’s disease, and a wonder for healing and preventing cardiovascular problems of all kinds. Plus, we can all stay younger- looking longer by getting more of this into our diet.

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