How I Have Used Comfrey to Heal Major Injuries and Create a Healthy Garden


Comfrey root is a miracle plant that is used medicinally to address bumps, bruises and bone ailments; including fractures, sprains and breaks. Comfrey root is typically applied to the injured region externally as a poultice. It has the property to increase cell division, which makes it heal broken bones very fast and restore damaged tissue faster than any other plant.

The comfrey leaves resemble the spinal column in the body, while the root resembles a bone and joint. Otherwise known as the “warrior plant” or “knit-bone”, comfrey is used throughout the Eastern world and Africa for a myriad of health issues, as well as for optimal health.

How Does Comfrey Work to Heal Injuries?

When applied to an injury, comfrey root infuses essential vitamins and minerals, such as the cell regenerator, allantoin. In my experience, Comfrey detoxifies the area, while simultaneously calming the nervous system and nourishing the injured zone; allowing a deeper, calmer breath to circulate nutrient-rich cells throughout the body and to the injury area. Think about what typically happens to one’s breath at the time of an injury; the breath shortens and becomes hysterical. The comfrey literally has the ability to calm one’s breath, so the body is able to circulate prana throughout the body when it is needed the most.

My Experience Using Comfrey for Healing Injuries

We use the comfrey root regularly on the farm and in our family. I personally use it for minor aches or pains externally, but have also used it to heal a broken nose. I applied the comfrey root to my broken nose overnight and chewed it a bit as well (however, I cannot recommend internal consumption as ingesting comfrey can be toxic to the liver). The next morning, I had dark black and blue marks under my eyes, but the damage and pain to my nose was almost gone. I also felt a calm, lighter breath in the morning. The comfrey root literally dispersed the toxins that had initially blocked the healing process in my nasal bones. I also drank several gallons of water during the comfrey application in order to hydrate my system. Research has shown that dehydration can be a major factor leading to injuries. Whereas hydration can help prevent injuries and is necessary for recovery. The comfrey forces the body to hydrate in real time and clean itself out in the process. I continued to apply the comfrey root to the injured nose area for several nights thereafter.

My wife used comfrey root successfully to revitalize a sensitive tooth cavity in just one application. I have also used the comfrey root successfully on my son’s broken wrist, as well as numerous other bumps and bruises that occur from life on the farm.

Are There Any “side effects” to Topical Comfrey Application?

The comfrey detoxes the body by replacing toxic cells with more supple and hydrated healthy cells. Comfrey provides essential vitamins and minerals to increase circulation in a stagnant zone in the body. The “side effects” are more water and rest, which is required in order for your body to integrate the potent medicinal qualities of the comfrey plant. So the more Comfrey one consumes, the more water and rest that is required to hydrate and allow the body to self-heal. This is basically true for all herbs, but comfrey root is particularly potent.

Comfrey Creates a Healthy Garden

Plant comfrey generously in your garden for its high nitrogen and chlorophyll content (i.e. light energy). Comfrey is the ideal garden companion, it’s hardy, keeps weeds down, deters bugs, and fixes valuable nitrogen into the soil. Once planted, the root will continue to regrow even after a deep root harvest. It’s high nutrient content means comfrey makes excellent compost tea (a liquid fertilizer made from compost). Growing your own plants, using those plants for compost, making liquid fertilizer from your compost, and returning those nutrients to the your garden is an ideal, sustainable gardening practice. It’s how we run our gardens and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Herbal Healing is a Livestyle, Not a Quick Fix

You can’t turn back many years of delinquent health with a few comfrey treatments. Same goes with any sort of herbal treatment or remedy. In truth, the healthier and more supple your body and cells are, the more receptive one will be to the healing powers of comfrey root. For example, someone that is 100 pounds overweight and tears a ligament in their knee, will certainly benefit from a comfrey treatment. Although, a full recovery may take months, if not years of therapy and active weight loss, in order to truly heal their knee. On the other hand, a professional athlete that tears a ligament in his knee, will most likely be extremely receptive to the healing powers of the comfrey root and may heal much faster. One has to consider the starting point to determine the length of healing time.

I like to think of these herbs as superpowers. But the superpowers are most effective as daily tonics for optimal health and well-being, rather than for emergency situations. Integrating herbs into one’s daily lifestyle provides the system with a strong foundation for optimal circulation, alkalinity, and longevity.

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Doug Wolkon is founder of Kauai Farmacy in Hawaii. The Kauai Farmacy gardens are home to some of the most powerful herbal supplements in the world; growing over 60 varieties of medicinal plants. Herbal teas, powders and salves are hand-crafted by skilled artisans for ultimate potency, balance and freshness.