Two Natural Ways to Ensure Your Breath Stays Fresh Long-Term


Ensuring your breath is fresh can be easy to forget, especially after meals.  You can chew gum or use a mouth wash melt strip, but these are often loaded with carcinogenic chemicals and typically don’t last beyond an hour.  Moreover, these options actually don’t address the deeper causes of bad breath, so these temporary fixes only mask the problem temporarily instead of eliminating and neutralizing the sources of the odors.

The two major places the scent of your breath originates, that you can address on an as-needed basis, are your stomach and your tongue.  With regard to the former, the odors of food you recently ate continue to affect your breath even after the food has been consumed, since the esophageal passage between your stomach and mouth is continuously open.  Regarding the latter, thin layers of food and saliva residue accumulate on the tongue, giving off odorous vapors that chewing gum, mints, and even mouthwash only cover up and do nothing to address.

The most effective way to treat the scents emanating from your stomach is parsley oil.  Chewing parsley is an age-old remedy for breath issues, because it neutralizes odors, but you can now buy parsley oil, which is much stronger, in capsules that open up in your stomach.  This attacks the issue at the root, resulting in fresh breath for hours and hours.

The best way to address the layers of residue on your tongue is with a tongue scraper.  Tongue scrapers work by actually removing these layers when you scrape your tongue with it from back to front.  You’ll actually see the residue come off, and your tongue should look pinker thereafter, showing its natural, unobstructed color.  A good tongue-scraping in the morning or before a social event can result in hours of worry-free, neutral breath, and the effects of mint will last much longer.

Jonathan Cho