Top 7 Must-Reads for those Newly Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD


If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, the questions and next-step decisions can be overwhelming. While you’ve heard about the symptoms and may have occasionally read about the disorder, it’s a whole new experience when you or someone close to you is the one affected. Naturally, you want to immerse yourself in a greater understanding of ADD/ADHD so you can take control and gain peace of mind.

Here are the Top 7 Must-Reads for those newly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD:

1. “Adult ADD: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (The New Harbinger Guides for the Newly Diagnosed Series)”: (link) Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, PhD, authors this book, drawing on her own expertise in the subject as well as the fact that she too, has the disorder. This book helps you discover the most ideal ways to control certain symptoms and also delves into sensitivities involving if and when you should disclose your diagnosis, and to whom.

2. “7 Facts You Need to Know about ADHD”: (link) Turn to the resources on the ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) site. This article offers insight brimming with statistics and general commentary and is one of the many helpful resources the ADDA offers. Additional materials to help make others aware of ADD/ADHD symptoms and news can be downloaded via this link: (opens in new window)

3. “An Introduction to ADD/ADHD” from Psyche Central Online: Psyche Central Online is an outstanding resource for those just diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. An Introduction to ADD/ADHD offers top-line basics ranging from a breakdown of the top three groups within the disorder to behavioral therapy options.

4. Psyche Central Online Forums: Forums house a variety of threads, or organized topics, that allow people to view and openly discuss a multitude of subjects. You’re not obligated to comment, and often simply browsing through the series of conversations can provide you with a wealth of information. In addition to the informative articles, Psyche Central has ADD/ADHD forums that puts you in touch with a like-minded community also diagnosed with the disorder.

5. “Overcoming ADHD without Medications”: (link) Put out by the Association for Youth Children and Natural Psychology, this book is a must-read for parents and teachers seeking non-traditional methods to manage children with ADHD symptoms.

6. “You’ve Got Adult ADHD, Now What?”: (link) is an article housed on ADDitude Magazine Online, an entire resource in itself. This particular article hones in on embracing your diagnosis with a glass half-full attitude, exploring best ways to make your situation work to your advantage.

7. “Adult ADHD – Next Steps After a Diagnosis”: (link) is an ADDitude Magazine Online article that succinctly outlines everything from how to handle the news to knowing your treatment options.

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