Top 4 Things to Remember before Mowing Your Lawn


Have a great lawn in front of your house? Do you spend enough time taking care of it? If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time before it gets covered in weeds. And the lawn won’t be in good shape any more. So, it is essential that you take proper care of the lawn on a regular basis. And to start with, you should go for mowing of the lawn.

But it is not an easy task at all. You need to mow your lawn perfectly and every part should be mowed in a uniform way. Else it is sure to sport a not-so-good look. Hence, it is important for you to keep a few things in mind while you are planning to mow a lawn.

Here are some of them.

Decide the Season Depending on the Grass

What type of grass do you have in your lawn? Remember, different types of grasses grow in various ways. So, you should schedule your routine of mowing the lawn accordingly. It is not a good idea to mow the lawn when the grasses have grown quite long. Hence, you should check out when the grass of your lawn grows the fastest. And engage in lawn mowing before that. It will also give you a chance to keep the lawn in a good shape for quite a long time.

Don’t Mow a Wet Lawn

When are you planning to choose to mow the lawn? Is it the rainy season? During the day, just after you have watered it?

Then you are in for a great mistake.

Remember, although it is essential to water your lawn regularly, it is never the right idea to mow a lawn, which is wet. That’s because when the lawn is wet, the grasses tend to come together and cause them to come up from the roots. This gives the lawn a haphazard appearance. So, it is always a good idea to mow the lawn hours after you have watered it. Hence, an evening schedule for the task seems to be the best. Only then you can expect to get an excellent turf at the end of mowing the lawn.

Vary Your Mowing Pattern

While mowing the lawn, do you follow a single pattern? Do you go horizontally from one end of the width of the lawn to another and back? Or do you vary the way you mow it?

It is always important that you add some variation to your mowing pattern. That’s because, if you mow it in a single way, it can lead to streaks, directions or stripped lines on the lawn. Hence, the appearance would surely not be the one you would like to see.

So, always change the way you mow it after a few rounds. It will help to give the lawn a proper look.

Trim in a Number of Sessions

Mowing a lawn isn’t an easy thing. More so, if you do not have an experience of regularly mowing the lawn in front of your house. You might even find cutting the grass difficult, especially when you are trying to make it as uniform as possible. That’s because, no matter how hard you work to give the lawn an amazing look, if the level of the grass in the lawn is not uniform, it will not have a grand appearance. It is advised that you don’t trim the level of the grass at one go. Cut one-third of it in the beginning and take a few other sessions of mowing to give the lawn its final look.

If you are not comfortable mowing the lawn and need professional help for that, you can get a number of service providers for that. Especially if you are living near Portsmouth, you can easily find several gardener Portsmout who will provide you with excellent services. They will make the lawn appear amazing, but at a reasonable cost. So, you can easily go for such services to keep your lawn in a good condition.

Author: Satyajit Seal is an expert writer with 7 years of experience in content writing. He creates interesting and thought provoking content on a variety of niches. Through this content he tries to focus on how gardener Portsmout helps you to make your lawn beutiful.

Satyajit Seal
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