Top 10 Safest German Cars


What first comes to your mind when you think of reliable and safe cars? It’s all about German cars, of course. Major German automakers do not need any introduction. They take the leading position in various automotive segments offering a wide selection of innovative features, which also include safety precautions. That is why the majority of their cars have already become synonyms to reliability, safety and comfortable driving. In some cases you need to pay extra dollars but it is really worth spending that money if you are really in for the best cars ever. We decided to form our rating of top 10 safest German cars. It is created in a form of a list and incudes autos from different segments such as luxury cars, SUVs, sedans, etc. The list is based on the latest results of IIHS crash tests.

Mercedes M class

This time we are going to start with a luxury midsize SUV, which is becoming more and more affordable for the consumers each year. The average price starts from $46,333. It will be more than enough to benefit from a wide selection of innovative features and safety packages. The overall mark is ”GOOD”. IIHS tests were passed easily with no drawbacks of any side effects in all the categories of tests, which is not surprising. Standard safety features consist of driver and passenger airbags as well as rear, head and body airbags. The package also includes daytime running lights, auto-leveling headlights, lane departure warning and many other useful options for safety driving.

Volkswagen Golf

Let’s move from affordable SUVs to affordable small compact cars. Volkswagen Golf usually represents power in combination with economy and high-level safety measures. We already got used to the fact that Golf is always in the leading group when it comes to driving security. This time it showed GOOD results in IIHS tests thanks to a new driver assistant package available with additional options and features. The standard airbag package comes with integrated turn signal mirrors, child safety lock, electronic stability control, traction control and more. It is certainly a good choice for an average price starting from $19,392.

Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI is among the best and safest affordable sport cars available on the market. It combines power, comfort and protection as well as fun driving that has already become the signature of this model. From some point of view the average price from $24,477 may sound a bit high. But we are looking at a pure German car, which passed all the IIHS tests without any problems getting the “GOOD” mark in all the categories. Even the Small Overlap Front Test which is a problem for the most vehicles in this segment was passed smoothly. Standard safety features include 4-wheel disk brakes, auto-leveling headlights, brake assist, 4-wheel ABS and more.

Volkswagen Jetta

At some point of time Volkswagen Jetta has become a flagship of small affordable cars produced by this Major German automaker. And this fact does not sound surprising when we pay attention to an average price starting from approximately $16,000 and all those safety kits and packages available in a standard modification. Speaking about IIHS test results the new Jetta is the first from VW family to get an excellent mark for a moderate overlap front test. The rest of the marks are GOOD. Jetta has always been considered to be a perfect family car for a comfortable city ride. It has a child safety lock, a set of front and rear airbags for the driver and passengers, electronic stability and traction control, etc.

Volkswagen Passat

We have almost reached the equator of our list. The second part of the rating will also start with another VW model. It would be a great mistake to skip the new Passat, which should certainly be included in our rating. It represents a segment of midsize affordable cars with various innovative features and options to choose from. At the same time Passat always represented a high level of reliability and comfort. Safety was not an exception from that list. According to the NHTSA test results the new car is exceptional having only one 4-star mark for rollover.

BMW 2 series

You’ve been waiting for it really long. Yes, BMW is also in our list. Though the German brand has only one representative in this year’s top safety rating it is still worth paying attention to. The stylish and aggressive luxury sport coupe is able to impress not only with its power characteristics but also good marks for the IIHS tests in all the categories. Though the average price can seem a bit high for some purchasers, standard safety features include daytime running lights, lane departure warning, traction control, integrated turn signal mirrors and more. We simply could not leave this baby without a place in our list.

Audi A3

It is really hard to imagine the top 10 German safest cars without Audi. The A3 has always represented authentic style and elegance. It is a regular participant of such ratings and the 2015 model is not an exception. Moreover this time it got a 5-star ranking in NHTSA tests. Standard safety package includes blind spot monitoring, driver, passengers and rear airbags, brake assist, child safety lock and many other useful features to provide with secured and comfortable driving.

Audi A6

It is time to introduce upscale midsize cars. We are going to start with the 2015 Audi A6, which has no competitors when it comes to safety packages. The best prove is the test results. They are absolutely flawless without the slightest hint on any drawback. The mark is appropriate. The new model got a 5-star rank in all the categories brought by NHTSA tests. Various safety features include a standard airbag kit and brake assist as well as child safety lock, traction control, auto-leveling headlights, daytime running lights and more.

Mercedes E class

No more jokes! It is time for the big daddy to enter our list. Who is this big daddy? Mercedes E class, of course. The new model is like many cars in one representing outstanding style, comfort and luxury in every detail. Though designed in a rather aggressive and aerodynamic manner this vehicle reflects its reliability and elegance. Needless to say that even basic modification provides the driver and passengers with all the necessary safety features for a price north of $48,500. For this price you will get a basic airbags package with brake assist and traction control as well as blind spot monitoring, 4-wheel disc brakes, rear cameras and many more.

Mini Cooper Countryman

Though originated from Great Britain, Mini Cooper is now owned by the BMW brand. That is why it is not a mistake that it is in our list of top 10 safest German autos. The new concept SUV appeared to be in demand with the European consumers. And now we know why. First of all it’s all about pricing. On average the new model will cost you about $23,000 offering full setoff safety features. Apart from brake assist and airbag package you will also get a traction control system, electronic stability control, daytime running lights and more making the iconic brand one of the safest German cars.


Dmitri Breakston