Having a pet or a companion animal is an amazing thing as the little bundle of joy loves you immensely without asking for much in return. But they do want your little time and attention. Pets are just like kids who need care and support from you, and if they don’t get these things, then they can become victims of infection, malnutrition, and diseases.

Therefore, here we have listed some important pet care tips so that you can easily keep your pet happy and healthy.

  1. Train your pet

Behavioral training is very important for dogs and cats especially when you have children at the house. Proper training can reduce their aggression and help them to accommodate easily in your home environment. If you are not well experienced with pet training, then you can take help of a professional trainer to train them like sitting on command or walking on a leash.

  1. Spaying and neutering

If you have many pets and you don’t want an increase in their numbers, then you can get them spayed or neutered by a vet. It also benefits your pet as it reduces the chances of your pet getting lost because the tendency to roam around will decrease after spaying and neutering. It also lowers the risk of certain cancers, hernias in male pets and uterine infection in females.

  1. Induce natural healing

Increasing immunity of your pet is very important, and you can do with a much safer approach. Animal oral nosodes provide a wide range of protection to your pet from various diseases like Corona virus, Lyme disease, West Nile virus. Tick fever etc. and they are very easy to administer as it can be given either by mouth. This natural alternative is safe and has many advantages over the conventional vaccines, many of which are found to be carcinogenic or having side effects.

  1. Body cleaning

It is important to get your pet habitual to bathing and other cleaning activities like clipping nails, flea or tick examination, etc. from an early age so it doesn’t get surprised when you give it a bath or try to cut its nails. They can even attack you in defense if they are not used to these activities.

  1. Keep them active

Walking your dog early in the morning is good for him and you as well. It gives you time to bond and keeps both of you fit. Besides that, you must play with your pets regularly to keep them active. You can use a Frisbee or ball to play with your pets or tell them to chase you while you run. These activities benefit both of you mutually.

  1. Skincare

This is very important especially in the case of pets with a white coat or less pigmentation as they are prone to skin inflammation and skin cancers. Also, check your pet regularly for any external parasite like fleas as it can cause irritated skin, hair loss, hot spots, infection and introduction of other parasites like a tapeworm in your pet. After cleaning and check up, groom your pet by brushing their coat as it helps in reducing hair shedding by them.

  1. Watch their diet

Children tend to feed their pet anything even their favorite food without knowing that it can be harmful to them, therefore, inform your young ones about the right food for your pet. Food items containing alcohol, coffee, chocolate, poultry bones, salt or unripe fruit can be bad for your pets. You can also ask your vet about other food items which must not be given to your pet. Moreover, you also need to check the weight of your pet regularly as less physical activity and regular feeding can make them obese or overweight.

  1. Pet bedding

Proper rest is equally necessary for the overall well-being of your pet, and they need a corner for their own for that. You should pick a spot in your house which is warm, clean and quiet to make their bed. Their bedding should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent any parasites like ticks and fleas.

  1. Provide a healthy environment

Your pet can understand your mood as it is a living being like you, therefore, try to act happily around them. You must have seen that your cat is scratching the post or toys or your dog becomes restless when you come home. They do these things because they need mental stimulation. Give them toys to play, take them on a walk and play with them to reduce their restlessness and keep their boredom away.

  1. Pet identification

This prevents your pet from getting lost or taken away by the municipal persons by considering them as stray ones. Make them wear a collar with the address of your house so that it can be returned to you if it gets lost. These days, microchips are used to identify the pet. These microchips are of the size of a rice grain and placed under the skin of the pet within a second. It doesn’t require any battery and sensitive enough to be scanned and tracked easily by a vet or animal control officer.

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