Top 10 Foods Highest in Protein


You have probably seen guys at the gym drinking protein shakes and wondered whether it’s with a good reason or not .The fact is that protein contains amino acids, which your muscles require for repair and regrowth. Getting protein right after a workout means that most of these amino acids go directly towards regrowing muscle and increasing the effectiveness of your workout. Protein shakes sometimes contain high amounts of sugar making it highly recommendable doing your utmost to cut down on it and get to balance your daily intake for a maximum of natural protein thru the following foods:

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is thick-just like you want your muscles to be. A 6 oz serving of Greek yogurt has 17g of protein and only 100 calories. You can buy Greek yogurt in 6 oz containers to make sure that you don’t load up on extra calories by mistake.


Since milk is meant to help calves grow strong, it is packed with protein and essential nutrients. drinking raw milk  play a huge part in muscle building. One cup of whole milk has 8g of protein and 149 calories. Chocolate milk has more calories but the higher sugar content gives you extra carbs that decreases recovery time.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a tasty treat that is high in protein; don’t add jelly though, or it loses its benefits. Instead, eat a spoonful or mix a serving into a smoothly. Just be careful, though; while a serving of peanut butter has 7g of protein, the small serving size (1oz) makes it easy to overindulge and accidentally load up on calories.


Nuts have essential nutrients and fibers to help your muscles recover. The protein and calorie content vary based on the type of nut but most nuts contain about 6g of protein per ounce.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is often thought of as a dieter’s food because it is high in protein and calcium while low in calories and fat. A cup of cottage cheese has 27g of protein and 194 calories. Make sure not to buy low fat cottage cheese, though; it tastes awful and doesn’t have the same muscle building nutrients.

Chicken breast

When you remove the skin and refrain from deep frying it, chicken breast is packed with protein and contains minimal calories; 1 chicken breast has 53 G of protein and only 284 calories. If you don’t like plain chicken, you can add some flavoring such as oregano or even a bit olive oil to improve the taste.


Lentils packed with fiber, magnesium and iron are perfect food to rebuild muscle. Since lentils don’t contain meat, they are also an awesome source of protein for vegetarians. One cup of boiled lentils contains 18g of protein and 230 calories. Lentils are also related to chickpeas, so eating hummus is also a tasty way to get protein.


Oats have been a staple in diets since humans discovered farming. One of the healthiest grains, oats come packed with fiber and other nutrients. Half a cup of raw oats contains 12g of protein and 303 calories. Add some milk for taste but don’t go overboard; you don’t want to have too many calories.


In addition to fiber and antioxidants, Quinoa also boosts your metabolism. Since it doesn’t contain gluten, it’s the perfect post-workout recovery food for those with gluten allergies. One cup of quinoa has 8g of protein and 222 calories.

Brussels sprouts

Your mom was right when she told you to eat your Brussels sprouts; they contain high amounts of fiber and vitamin C. You might have found them repulsive when you were a kid, but as an adult, you may find Brussels sprouts delicious! Half a cup of Brussels sprouts has 2g of protein but since they have only 28 calories, feel free to indulge.