The Ultimate Demise?


Which will happen first?  Will we run ourselves into the ground by continuing to export jobs to China?  Or will we run ourselves into the ground (literally to our death due to ever-increasing chronic health problems and diseases) by continuing to allow chemical companies expand and control our food industry while also polluting our air, water and soil? Either way, we are losing; the country is losing; the people are losing.  And the only ones who are winning are giant corporations. In short term the government and certain politicians win, since ultimately elections and careers can be bought.  But long term, we will owe our lives and everything we work for to another country, a Communist country.  And we will be suffering the effects of deceitful, mismanaged, poorly scientific food creation and distribution by way of GMOs.  Not to mention the devastating effect that the spread of GMOs is having on our environment; the soil we plant in, the air we breath and the water we drink. We will have no jobs, no proper healthcare, more health problems including chronic diseases, less environmental stability, and still of course less truth being relayed to the people of this great nation.

We need to focus on manufacturing and design in our country.  We must get back to the basics of real true organic farming, agroecological education and sustainability, and teaching our children what our ancestors have done for centuries. Teach them that there is a reason why seeds have been saved for generations to use upon predicted upcoming weather or pest problems; a reason why our grandparents have tools and machines (microwaves, vacuums, food processors, crock pots, drills etc.) that lasted for decades… They were made in the United States!  Products made in China last for a fraction of that time, often never work as well to begin with, and most likely include highly toxic materials.

There is no reason why 80% of people want a specific change, but the 20% of those who are funding 80% of supportive funds will always win.  They should not be part of a national health, security or any future related decision if they have such a conflict of interest.  It is the case with National Association of Manufacturers and is the case with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Monsanto.  Of course they will not side with the people or the country.  They care only about their fiduciary obligation to shareholders.  Which is fine in the world of business, but it should not involve the demise of a country.  This is absurd and needs to come to an end.  Some of these massive monster corporations are the ones who could still make it if they took a financial hit by moving their manufacturing jobs back to the States.  And labeling GMOs would only require them to source differently, just as these companies do in 64 countries all over the world.  It is not too late!  And it won’t be easy; big change never is.  But it seems a bit unfair and disturbing to assume that these controlling companies have such a stranglehold on us that we are in so deep we will never get out.

China sees an opportunity, and they are exhausting it to our demise because of trade policies we put in place ourselves.  The rest of the world is befuddled by our poor food regulation, and cannot understand why knowingly harmful products are legal in our own country. Especially when they are banned and/or at least labeled in countries all around the world. We need to wise up and make serious changes while we still can.  Because if we do not, China will own our economy and Monsanto will own our food.

Deanna Kohlmeyer