The Internet – A Greedy And Corrupt Place Where Only A Few Succeed Online


I know what you’re probably thinking – “but there are lots of internet millionaires online and even the richest man in modern history, Jeff Bezos, made his money selling online, so that means anyone can succeed online, right?” Not without risking it all. Any social network, search engine and e-commerce site that we all know too well for already being a big success online, has become that big and successful influencer online, because every one of those companies started over 10 years ago, and in the case of Amazon, 20 years ago, when the internet was still new to the whole buy-ads-to-reach-more-customers-thing. Ad revenue is the model of all the big social networks and the biggest search engine, because they prey on your eagerness to succeed online and of course trigger your fundamental need to earn a living and pay your bills, which we all must do to live and survive.

In Many Ways They Are The Gate-Keepers To Your Success!

Why? Because if you don’t buy their ads, you don’t get access to their large pool of people. The more people on their platforms, the more they can charge for their ads. Now, I understand that’s how they pay their bills, so they don’t charge you, which is good I am sure, but there is an unforeseen and accumulative side-effect when your main revenue model is to charge for ads – eventually the result of that is the very high level of greed and corruption online that you and I experience every day we try to make a living online. Thank goodness there are still companies that do not take advantage of their advertisers, so for this article, I am focusing only on the big social networks and that huge search engine. Now, if you have an unlimited ad budget to compete with the unlimited ad budgets of all your competitors, then all the greed and corruption probably won’t affect you much, because you can keep throwing money at ads and slow seo, until you finally get some traction. For everyone else, like you and me, we must use our life-savings or get a loan to buy enough ads, which most of the time doesn’t work; the latest statistic is 92% of all websites fail to ever earn enough revenue to stay in business, yet it is these 92% that feed the huge internet ad machine.

But There Is More To It Than Just Having To Pay More For Ads!

If the only issue was not having enough money to buy enough ads so you can succeed online, then that’s actually an issue many of us can fix – just find more money. But it’s not that simple, not that simple at all in fact, because you can throw $10,000 at an ad campaign and still not make your money back, ever! I know a friend who took out a large loan on his paid off home so he could fund the largest ad campaign he has ever done – a year later he hasn’t come close to making his money back and his ad campaign funds depleted after just a couple months! He can certainly complain or ask for his money back, but that would surely be futile, because ad platforms don’t make money by promising you succeed or even just break even, they make their money by trying to get you to buy more ads; no different than buying ads offline – the risk is the same and the ROI is just as bad, too.

They Need You To Keep Feeding The Internet Ad Machine!

The internet ad machine is what I coined recently to describe a machine that has only one purpose – to take your ad money. And this internet ad machine is huge, influential and very often diabolical, because it uses lots of different types of ad propaganda to keep you motivated, but also naive. How? Let me ask you this…have you ever made a bet or gambled on anything? If yes, then you already know what motivates you to take that risk – riches? happiness? all the above? all of these you don’t mind taking a risk for, because you want to achieve this, we all do. Well, the huge internet ad machine knows you want this, too. So every day you can read stories all over the web of this person striking it rich online, for example a single mother out in the mid-west who started with nothing and after buying ads, is now worth millions, or a guy who lost his job and started with nothing to his name only to go on and become a multi-millionaire in less than a year, then you start to imagine how great your life will be after striking it rich onine, too, then you want to research how they did it, so you buy their get rich quick programs and spend hours online studying and learning as much as you can. But $10,000 later, you still haven’t made your money back, because there still is no guarantee. Does any of this sound familiar?

Anyone who has ever wanted to succeed online has read these stories a lot more than any story that would make you not want to risk your financial freedom on buying ads. Seriously, when was the last time you read a story about anyone NOT succeeding online after spending a fortune on ads? Even though these stories represent 92% of every website Entrepreneur online, you never hear about any of them. These online success stories are what keeps you motivated to keep feeding that huge internet ad machine, until you go broke. This is the nature of the beast indeed, but does it have to be this way? Is there another way to grow your brand, receive real, free targeted traffic, forever, without ever paying for ads or slow SEO, ever again? YES. I have researched for years who provides real results that are not dependent on you buying ads or paying for endless SEO.

So, Is There A Way To Finally Succeed Online Without Feeding The Internet Ad Machine?

Of course! It’s not easy to find though, because the method is hidden in a sea of ad propaganda. To find this method I have had to of course ignore every get rich program, every social network and search engine ad platform, all the slow seo programs and services and even all the hype surrounding any ad campaign learning programs that teach how to get a better ROI on the ad money you spend, because you and I want a real source of independence that does not rely on any social network or any big search engine and their ad platforms to grow your brand and finally achieve success online. One I found so far is VideoDup, which looks very promising, not to mention very cool, and that’s after several weeks of online research. You see, the internet is saturated with ad platforms from big to small, so the huge internet ad machine is everywhere, but again, the purpose of this article is to focus on the big greedy and corrupt ad platforms only, not the smaller ad platforms that don’t play games with your money or the few ad platforms that actually want you to succeed. This is simply a different perspective on growing your brand that all of us have thought about already but never knew where to start.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” — Alvin Toffler


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