Thanksgiving Tale of Kratom’s Blessings


This Thanksgiving tale is illustrated by the story of Tammy, who has had a very hard life that has left her permanently disabled. One of her few comforts is the medicinal herb kratom.

Tammy was born two months premature to a meth addict mother and an alcoholic father. Tammy believes she was born addicted. Rejected by her mother who had wanted an abortion, not another child, she was raised and had a happy childhood with her father. She is stung to this day by her mother’s rejection.

Despite her challenges, Tammy did well in school and graduated early. Traveling in search of her mother and brother, she met — and married — a man who turned out to be physically abusive. Leaving him, with children in tow, she found another man she thought was perfect. “I was wrong,” she says now.

“The 14 years I spent in contentment, but nothing was as bad as all the abuse I endured from my son’s father from my first marriage. (At that time) I had not been on any drugs. I did smoke pot which in my opinion is not a drug. Its God’s gift to us.”

Life goes on. It has its pleasures, even if it is not what we had hoped for.

Tammy’s first auto accident was not her fault. Stuck in heavy traffic while working as a pizza-delivery driver, she was waved ahead by a truck driver who was blocking her view. She was immediately hit by a speeding oncoming driver and suffered a broken back. This led to a prescription pain pill dependence, which turned into an addiction.

In trying to break her dependence on pain pills, Tammy got into a suboxone program with a pain management clinic, which just traded one new addiction for the old one.  When the pain management program was unceremoniously ended, she went to a less-expensive methadone clinic.

Here, Things Took a Serious Turn for the Worst
“I was in another car accident. If you know anything about methadone, they give you the nods. I was working a double shift when my son called and needed something the next day for a project.

So I took a break, picked up my youngest son, went to Hobby Lobby and to get them dinner. On our way home I nodded off to sleep . I hit a tree doing upwards of 60 mph. I still suffer the damages daily.

I’m grateful my son was behind me in the drivers seat if he had been in the passenger side of the car I wouldn’t have my son. I was DOA when the medics got there.

Luckily, a lady was driving behind us and she called for help.
My son suffered a small cut on his left eye which plastic surgery has corrected. He was taken by ambulance.

I had to be taken by ambulance two blocks to Life Flight that landed at a near by high school.

I died again in the Life Flight. They got me to the hospital I was in ICU for almost 3 months in a coma. My injuries were out of the realm of my imagination. Luckily I don’t remember a thing .

This is what happened: I broke my back , my collar bone, one leg, one arm, broke my neck, a cut that is from lip to chin, an ankle, an arm — the entire left side of my face was completely fractured as well as my nose, all which is titanium now. I lost 6 lower teeth and 4 top teeth.

I had massive brain injury that my skull had to be cut to relieve pressure or I surely would have died again. Which I did for the third time, anyway. (They brought me back again.)

In 2010 December enough was enough I voluntarily checked myself into rehab for three weeks of detox, 3 months of counseling and 13 months of sober living. My husband left me in rehab i guess he couldn’t take it anymore. Can’t say I really blame him. I was a mess.”

Imagine all the trouble one can get into, not having good instructions from a loving parent. Imagine, if you will, the physical damage a high-speed auto crash can do. Miracles can be done in the operating room, stitching us back together, but what will our quality of life be, dependent on painkillers and other medications, needed to prevent seizures caused by permanent brain damage?

Occasionally, even the unlucky get handed a miracle. Tammy’s discovery of kratom was one such miracle that has helped her cope with a hard life without much complaint. For Tammy and perhaps millions like her, with a need for lifelong pain relief and mood improvement that lets them have hope in spite of a trying life, kratom offers a better option than other opioid prescription alternatives.

Why must our society talk of taking from her the one of the few comforts she has left? Kratom is proven less habit-forming than opiates. Kratom’s key analgesic is one-tenth as constipative as morphine. This is important to those who will need long-term pain relief, for whatever reason.

Another Reason for Thanksgiving

Kratom is currently being used by pain-pill addicts to quit their addiction without the traumatic withdrawal that is characteristic of all other opiates. Withdrawal pains are a scary barrier that keep many addicted. Kratom removes that barrier. Isn’t that a blessing, with so many Americans struggling with addiction?

Why must regulators and lawmakers concern themselves with banning this natural herb that is a Thanksgiving blessing every day of the year for a growing number of our population? Our Founding Fathers, who were hemp farmers, would laugh at the folly of our society today banning the cultivation of hemp, as a favor to the same chemical industry that now may benefit if kratom is banned next?

Why are we permitting our lawmakers to ban the God-given remedies in the name of protecting us from ourselves? Are they motivated by good intentions or campaign donations by the powerful industries that will profit?

Isn’t Thanksgiving About Gratitude for Nature’s Gifts in Our Life?

When Mother Nature hands us an herbal pain-reliever that is one of the few pleasures in a life damaged by tragedy, who are we to take it away? What does it say about our society that has taught us to fear the natural — but embrace the synthetic remedies man has made?

As we gather around our dinner table in this traditional Thanksgiving harvest celebration of Nature’s bounty, let’s not forget kratom. Those who aren’t in chronic pain now should still be grateful that we have this legal OTC option that is less problematic than remedies based on the opium poppy. It is good to know we have it, if one day we discover we need it.

For those with addictive tendencies and lifelong pain, whether inborn or acquired, who are we to take away their preferred pain-relieving option? As Cindy Halpen said, upon joining a kratom-focused Facebook group: “This product is amazing! Being a recovering addict, it is a blessing to have something to help me with my pain that is not a drug. Thank God for this (natural) product.

In this time of celebration, let’s not forget the less fortunate. There, but for Fortune, could go any one of us. Drive with care.

As we count our blessings around the Thanksgiving dinner table, we might also be glad for the many things that didn’t happen to us. Remember Tammy’s story and support the efforts to keep kratom legal.

Author Paul Kemp writes often about natural health and the benefits he sees in the kratom community.

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Paul Kemp
I am a writer with a passion for freedom within a libertarian philosophy. I claim my rights and I accept personal responsibility for the consequences. I have watched the same mistakes being made time after time in our country and I hope to point these errors out and hopefully help to change a few of them. We have, as a society, turned too much control over our lives and diet to self-proclaimed experts, who have an agenda that is not in our best interest. To regain our health and freedom, we need to give these "experts" the boot and become knowledgeable about the crucial details of our own lives.