As knowledge of covert methods of depopulation spreads, people are becoming increasingly concerned about protecting their health and especially their offspring and are desperately searching for a single, clear and simple source they can trust and follow.

That source is now available in the form of a 168-page guide that covers all aspects of the Global Depopulation Policy and provides solutions on how to avoid the chemical and biological toxins deliberately inserted in our food, water, beverages, home and consumer products by our own governments, the UN system and the military-industrial complex for the sake of stopping population growth by damaging our reproductive and immune systems so as to control life at both ends, by limiting births and increasing deaths as and when needed from country to country.

This guide, entitled “Surviving Depop”, gives everyone the knowledge necessary to survive the global depopulation genocide and is now available free of charge to the readers of Natural News courtesy of its author, Kevin Galalae.

Download it without delay and start applying the knowledge contained therein as though your life depended on it…because it does!

Surviving Depop provides protection against depopulation toxins inserted in water, beverages, food, medicines, body products, cookware, clothing, furniture, toys, detergents, carpets, as well as against depopulation by chemtrails, WiFi radiation, tobacco, alcohol and narcotics.

The information contained therein is forbidden fruit and represents the most closely guarded secrets of the international order since 1945 when the UN was created to globalize the methods of population control pioneered by religious authorities and developed and concealed over the centuries.

The secrets revealed in this guide go back much further than 1945.  For instance, the adulteration of alcohol with thujone, the active sterilizing ingredient in absinthe, started in 1840 in Switzerland and France and soon spread over the entire European continent.  To date, many alcoholic drinks contain this sterilizant, among them Pernod Absinthe, St. George Absinthe Verte, Vieux Carré Absinthe, Pastis, Ouzo (the national drink of Greece), Raki (the national drink of Turkey), Sambuca (an Italian national drink), Herbsaint (a popular drink in New Orleans), and many brands of vodka from both Russia and Scandinavian countries.

This guide also offers free access to eight books and dozens of educational videos that provide the necessary context to understanding the history, scope and scale of the depopulation program.  Together with the books and audio-visual material provided in its introductory pages this guide also elucidates the origins and reasons as well as the causes and consequences of the depopulation program and in so doing unravels the very nature of the deep state along with its actors and grand objectives.

The author encourages the public to share it widely with family and friends and to ask them in turn to disseminate it further as that is the best way to accelerate the demise of the depopulation genocide and the adoption of population control legislation so that henceforth the task of limiting human life on the planet to a level the planet can tolerate becomes the people’s responsibility and covert methods can cease before they spell the end of the vast majority of our genetic lineages and in the process condemn us to lives of chronic illness and a vastly reduced quality of life and life expectancy.

The wide dissemination of this guide will provide impetus to behind the scenes efforts to eliminate endocrine disruptors/depopulation poisons from our food system and environment, for as consumer habits change industry will see the elimination of these biocidal chemicals and toxins as being in their own economic interest.

Ultimately, this guide lends you the power to save not only your own life but countless other lives and to ensure the very survival of mankind.

You can download your free copy here:

Surviving Depop-Ebook