The Surprising Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt


The very idea of any kind of salt having a health benefit may sound ludicrous to some people. Dieticians and doctors say over and over again that there is too much salt in the American diet and that is lead to problems like high blood pressure and even the possibility of a serious event like a heart attack or stroke. However, Himalayan pink salts and other natural salts like it are not the same thing as the table salt commonly in use and such natural salts do bring certainly healthy nutrients quitter literally to the table.

What is Himalayan Pink Salt?

Unless you are a pretty hard-core foodie, chances are you have probably never heard of Himalayan pink salt before. It is salt that is mined, as the name suggested, from the Himalayan mountain range, which stretches from China and travels through Nepal, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, and finally into India. The sea salt beds that lie deep within these mountains were covered by an ancient lava flow and are native to one of the most pristine environments on earth. For this reason, Himalayan salt is considered to be among the purest found on earth. It gets its pink color naturally and this is due to its high iron content.


The nutritional content of this salt includes:

  • Naturally occurring iodine. This salt does not need artificially added iodine like table salt.
  • Less sodium per serving. Ok, this might sound strange, but because Himalayan salt crystals have a larger crystal structure than table salt, they actually do have a lower sodium content, even though their components are very much the same.
  • Mineral-rich. Unlike table salt, which is highly processed and basically stripped of its mineral content, Himalayan salt is naturally nutrient-rich and can provide at least 80 minerals and elements. These include elements like potassium, borate, bromide, strontium and magnesium. This makes the salt great for those who might have any trace element deficiencies in their diet.


Health Benefits of this Salt

  • Due to its high amounts of trace minerals, there are many health benefits that this kind of salt brings with it. These benefits include:
  • Creating an electrolyte balance
  • Balancing the pH of the body naturally
  • Increasing hydration
  • Regulating the body’s fluid balance
  • Preventing muscle crampsImproving circulation
  • Preventing goiters
  • Aiding in intestinal absorption of nutrients
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increasing bone strength

So,as strange as it sounds that salt can be healthful for you, this natural kind of salt actually can! So the next time you are in a health or gourmet food store, consider bringing some of this back home with you. It is not just beautiful and delicious, it is really good for your body as well!

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