The Surprising Dangers of Juice Cleanses


Because they have been touted by many Hollywood celebrities, juice cleanses have become a popular way for people to lose weight fast. This is especially popular now that summer is here and people are wanting to get their bodies ready for swimsuits and the beach once again. There is, however, mounting evidence that these cleanses are not as safe as people believe them to be and below are some things to consider before choosing such a regimen.

Cleanses are not a Long-Term Solution

While many people will certainly lose weight quickly on these cleanses, this does not constitute a long-term solution to weight problems. Most people, when they are done with a cleanse, will put the weight right back on again once they return to a regular diet, especially if that diet is not a particularly healthy one to begin with. They can also open themselves up to the risk of nutritional deficiency.

Cleanses Break Down Muscle

While most nutritional experts recommend around 2,000 calories a day for a healthy diet, most of these cleansing regimen restrict the caloric intake to 1,000 calories of less (the Master Cleanse, or Lemonade Diet, allows for only 650 calories daily!). Because these cleanses are deficient in protein, the body breaks down muscle for energy. Cleanses actually causes the body to lose lean muscle tissue and not fat.

Cleanses Slow the Metabolism

Because of the extreme and unhealthy calorie restrictions imposed by these cleanses, the body is simply not receiving adequate energy to maintain overall healthy function. When calorie restrictions are this severe, the body can into what is called “starvation mode” and one part of this mode is the slowing down of the metabolism ,the very last thing that someone wants if they are trying to lose weight.

Cleansing Juices are Less Healthy than Imagined

Most people have the perception that juice especially if it is made at home  is a healthy product, but increasingly, nutritional experts are recognizing that this just isn’t so. As a matter of fact, apart from soda, juice is one of the fastest ways to elevate the blood sugar. This elevation is actually linked to weight gain, as well as to putting the body at higher risk for developing diabetes.

A healthy alternative to a “cleanse” is simply to eat a whole foods diet. This should incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and dairy and whole grains. If this diet is followed consistently, it will help take off the pounds and also help detoxify the body safely. This is especially true when combined with exercise. However, it is a process and people do need to come to the realization that weight loss is a slow and steady thing if it is going to be healthy.

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