Suppressed Feelings Stifle Spiritual Growth


For the physical body to reach an optimal level of health, it must be fully supported by an integrated balance of all parts of our being, which include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. As we go through our daily lives being consciously aware of the food we eat, the supplements we take, our exercise regimen and other healthy habits that are conducive to a healthy body, one must also consider how much they are attending to their spiritual growth, which is the foundation and support for every level of our being.

When we connect with our spiritual body, we are connecting with who we are on a much deeper level than our physical self. Spirituality is not an organized religion and has no attached code of belief. Spirit just simply lives within all of us. Connecting to yourself means you acknowledge that you are more than a physical presence on this planet. Connecting with your spiritual body means you recognize that this amazing physical vessel not only houses your spirit, but it connects you with your soul. When you feel deeper into your heart and connect with the spirit within, you may find that you have been ignoring the true essence of who you are. Sadly, many of us avoid this part of our being because we hold that deeper part of us in a place of self-judgment, afraid that others will notice our imperfections; our spirit crushed from an early age and our heart closed off from anyone that may get too close. We live in fear of being criticized for not measuring up. On a societal standard, we strive for achievement on many levels, but are we providing our spirit what it needs to thrive? Even if you were lucky enough to grow up with a well-adjusted loving family, you could still be disconnected from the deepest part of your being because you were not taught how to love and honor the spirit within. You were taught to follow what is socially acceptable and to create a happy and abundant life through an organized system of education.

When you remain disconnected from your real self (your spirit), you stunt the soul’s evolution. The child within, as coined by many psychologists, is the spirit within. When the spirit within is crushed because it was not allowed to express itself fully in its first years of adjustment to the physical world, then the heart does not fully open and feelings of not measuring up get suppressed, causing feelings of unworthiness to be held deep within.

It’s important that you understand and accept that you are so much more than a physical body and every part of your essence needs your loving attention. When we give the same care and attention to our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that we give to our physical self, then we are respecting, loving and honoring the soul. By loving and honoring all parts of your being, including those parts that feel unacceptable, then you are allowing your spirit to live fully within you. When spirit thrives, then you honor who you are on the soul level. When you suppress your feelings, you repress your emotions. This causes a build-up of toxic energy in the body. Since we don’t want to appear weak or broken, we focus our attention on building ourselves up on the outside so no one will think we are deficient on the inside.  To help you process through any undesirable feelings about self, I would like to share with you my LUV Your Feelings process.

To LUV Your Feelings means to Listen, Understand and Validate what you are feeling, and that includes all feelings, whether they feel good or not so good. When you take the full approach to allowing yourself to feel what you feel without shame, blame or judgment, then you simply allow your soul to experience life in all the ways it needs to for its evolution. Whenever you notice those toxic feelings creeping up, instead of pushing them back down where they continue to build more toxic energy, preventing your spiritual growth, try this exercise instead.

Listen to Your Feelings: When you feel yourself becoming tangled up in a web of uneasy feelings, it is a sign that something needs your attention. Take a deep breath in and direct the exhale of your breath into your heart area. Keep breathing naturally and freely into the heart space. As you breathe into the heart area, imagine that the heart space is opening up a little bit more with each exhale. By engaging with the heart, you are getting out of your head where thoughts are reasoned with, rationalized and sometimes ego controlled. By going deeper and deeper into your heart space, you can actually feel a shift in your thoughts as you engage with your own inner guidance. Listen carefully and you will hear your spirit speak to you. It feels stuck and stifled and needs you to feel into those suppressed feelings that are holding your spirit back.

Understand Your Feelings: When you listen to those deep hurts that are weighing heavy on your heart and crushing your spirit, allow some compassion in. Create a bond with that little you inside that is holding onto those feelings that have formed a sense of disempowerment within you. Understand that younger you did not have the cognitive ability to separate self from its environment so the environment became the self-image. When you develop a connection to self, you create an understanding that although the feelings you hold inside are filled with a disempowering sense of self, you love, honor and accept yourself fully. The more you bond with and nurture that part of you, the more you will understand that this younger self is afraid, insecure and feels unworthy of attention. Let that younger you know that you are here to listen and that you understand how that little one feels.

Validate Your Feelings: Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Remind yourself that these feelings do not define you, but are there to remind you. These feelings keep showing up to let you know that you have been less than loving to the real you, thereby causing stagnation of your spirit and allowing a false you to be created as a means of safety. This false sense of self works against the spirit and does not allow for evolution of the soul. When evolution of the soul is obstructed, there is no support for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Without this support, your entire being is thrown out of balance, thereby not allowing you to thrive on all levels. When spirit (the real you) is not given room to thrive, a false you will continue to dominate your life, keeping you on the fast track for societal acceptance, creating internal stress and a false sense of safety, eventually leading to physical breakdown.

It is absolutely imperative that you LUV Your Feelings. Listen, Understand and Validate what you feel at all times. Your feelings are necessary for spiritual growth and soul evolution. Your feelings are not you but they are a part of you. Your feelings, good, bad and indifferent, are here to guide you on your journey through life. Your feelings are not here to hurt you or harm you in any way. However, if you treat your feelings like they are something unwanted and unacceptable, you invalidate the need for your soul to experience growth. Your feelings require your acknowledgment, love, compassion and unconditional acceptance.

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All the best on your spiritual journey,
Kelly Tallaksen

Board Certified Hypnotist
and Spiritual Life Coach


Kelly Tallaksen
Board Certified Hypnotist and Spiritual Life Coach