Sungazing Sunlight and Human Health


Sungazing is becoming an increasing interest to people in the modern world and for good reason. Sungazing is one of the oldest human practices known to man. Records of paintings in caves all around the world depict people standing beneath the sun, their eyes gazing deep into its light as if some otherworldly communion was taking place. From Australia and the Asiatic countries to the Middle East and the natives of the pre-Americas, worshiping the sun is mankind’s oldest religious practice.  Unfortunately, Western history and their academic institutions do not expound on this most enlightening phenomenon other than to say that ancient people worshiped the sun as God. But is there a deeper, more insightful dimension concerning the connection human beings have with sun? Absolutely!

The Ancient Mind

To the ancient mind the sun and the moon were the lights that ruled the day and ruled the night. Without modern lighting to light their humble cities at night, the night sky and its  moon, the stars and the vastness of space beyond our atmosphere, naturally spoke to ancient people in a deep biological way concerning mankind’s connection to the elements of life and the worlds beyond ours. The brighter light that ruled the day (the Sun) was a God of light and life, a celestial being of cosmic construction who in the most imaginative of ways is inseparably connected to all living organisms in our solar system. The most important god in ancient Egypt was the sun god Ra. In those days the Egyptians sungazed constantly and they even had it down to a science.  They taught to start looking into the sun at dusk and or at dawn which, is interesting seeing as modern science has discovered that the UV rays of the sun during first hour of sunrise and at the last hour of sunset, are not strong enough to harm the eyes. During these times of the day one can look directly into the sun without having to worry about damaging their eyes.

An Ancient System

According to the ancient system of sungazing, the first day of sungazing should be done for 13 seconds. The second day sungazing session is then doubled, 26 seconds. The third day adding another 13 seconds making 39 seconds of staring into the sun until you reach 1183, for 91 days. A season of sungazing they taught, renews the entire body, all 7 physiological systems, one at a time. This was also a practice in which the North American Indian Tribes, the Phoenicians, the Inca, the Aztec and more, would pray. Some of them prayed without words, they “spoke” from their heart the language of magnetism unto the sun just as the sun gave of its electromagnetic forces to the earth and to them. An interesting fact about the human heart is that the heart generates an electromagnetic field that emits at least 15 feet beyond the skin, over 5000 times greater than the electromagnetic field generated by the brain. When the heart and the mind were united as one in prayer, in meditation, while sungazing, the ancients who were learned and practiced, of pure bodies meaning no sickness, stress, hate or fear, experienced a biological event that caused the conscious mind to elevate its experience of reality to a whole new level of awareness. A level of awareness that simply cannot be experienced unless our bodies are free of sickness and stress, filled with the light of the sun, through the eyes, over time and distance.

Sunlight and The Human Body

The mind and body love sunlight. Our skin absorbs sunlight and uses the electromagnetic energy by turning it into hormones and chemicals that are essential for brain function, bodily immunity and regulation of hormonal production.  When a person is deprived of sunlight for to long they experience everything from depression, anxiety and decreased cognitive functioning to a weakened immune system and disease. Sunlight is crucial for strong bones, proper glandular functioning and overall well being. In fact many of the diseases people suffer from in the 21st century is due to a lack of sunlight. In todays busy hustle and bustle get up and go modern world, the average working person gets about 30-45 minutes of direct sunlight a day; in the 1950’s people got three to six hours of sunlight a day. When Western culture started spending more time inside closed spaces with artificial light, where we work, where we live etc, disease and depression rose rapidly. Add that to a lifestyle of eating processed fake foods and artificially flavored and colored drinks, and you have the current obese situation of diseased Americans. We have developed this way of life that disconnects up from the elements through a massive consumption of everything that is fake and artificial. Sunlight along with eating fruits and vegetables daily, drinking clean non-fluoridated, non-chlorinated water, exercise (at least walking a consecutive 45 minutes a day) and good sleep,  can drastically change ones depression into restored happiness as well as disease into renewed health and vitality. Its really that simple. Try it for a 21 days and see how you fell, you will fell great!

Sunglight Through the Eyes

Again, while the idea of looking directly into the sun might be weird to many modern people, human beings have been doing it for thousands of years all around the world. With that in mind it is easy to realize that looking into the sun is a normal human practice simply forgotten over the decades. Have you ever noticed children staring at the sun? Watch them, they do this instinctively. Animals do this as well. In fact it has been observed that whole flocks of birds and prides of lions, other animals as well, gather together and stare directly into the sun during the first hour of rising and the last hour of setting.

When sunlight enters through the eyes it travels to the back of the retina via the hypothalamus tract. As this is happening and the hypothalamus tract becomes charged by light energy, the pineal gland as well as the entire brain feeds off of the photoelectric energy activating mental software that is otherwise in a state of atrophy, existing in a dormant state due to a lack of energy. As the brain receives more and more sunlight through the eyes over time and distance, higher brain functioning becomes more and more the norm and feelings of personal power, well being and ecstatic emotion of joy and wonder do indeed fill the entire body of the sun-gazer.

Sunlight is the greatest source of nutrition. If you read my blog “The Power of Raw Foods”, you will learn that nutrition is the process of light arranging itself inside the body generating a harmony of holistic health and vitality. After all everything is energy and energy vibrates as various frequencies, high and low. The higher the vibration the greater awareness and the greater health. The lower the vibrational frequencies within the body the less awareness one has and more sickness and disease does on experience.

With the combined senses humans take in around 11 million bits of information every second but, we are only aware of about 10 bits per second of that entire spectrum of information. Similar to the fact that humans only detect a very small amount of the entire spectrum of light. Sungazing increases that spectrum of awareness. After three months of consistent sungazing the brain activates mental software and cognitive capacities that begin a process of more efficient and greater biological functioning all over the body. As this process continues, the awareness increases exponentially. The eyes adjust to the increased light taken in and begin to detect in a visible sense, the higher vibrational frequencies of light that we are otherwise unaware of and unable to see. What does this mean?

Superhuman Sensory Perception and Ability

As the light of the sun travels into the eyes and the brain activates its higher functional capacitance, as the body raises its vibrational frequency as a result of the increased electromagnetic energy supply from the sun that has accumulated over time and distance, we begin to become more and more aware of the rest of the 11 million bits of information we are otherwise unaware of. This will manifest in being able to literally see colors as if looking with permanent High Definition sight. Colors are much more vibrant and seeing a glow or aura around people, plants, animals and objects become common place. Increased psychic phenomenon will follow as well as incredible healing abilities and prolonged lifespan with a decrease in appetite. As the body adjusts to this increased solar energy our need for nutrients from food diminishes as our cells are feeding off of the pure light energy from the sun. There is a literal physical change inside and outside of the body as this process evolves.

Dreams become more and more lucid, day to day thoughts and feelings increase to great heights of joy and insight, sensations of perceiving and experiencing yourself outside of the constraints of time and space being to occur, the eyes and the skin start to glow, the bones become incredibly strong and flexible, organs do shift and shrink while other glands in the body like the pineal glad increase in size and function, paranormal phenomenon begin to become more and more normal and one’s intelligence sky rockets. These are just some of the things that happen when sungazing is done with understanding.

Closing Thought

We live in world that is governed by industrialized superstition and gluttonously greedy corporate and governmental powers. Since the beginning of the modern world mankind has been systematically domesticated from the natural environment in such as way as to judge and in many cases condemn people who seek out the natural world; to live and to immerse oneself in the raw naked elements of life like as our ancient ancestors  once did. I’m not talking about behaving like animals or cave men, I’m talking about an organic, biological connection that our brains, our hearts and our entire mind-body system have with this planet, the sun, the moon, the stars and everything in between. With all of the banking, governmental and economic systems falling  around the world, it is clear that one thing mankind can do for himself and his fellow man is to RECONNECT to the elements of life. This can do no harm other than to abandon the sinking ship of the constantly consuming machine of madness and mayhem we call politically correct and institutionally sanctioned living.

At the end of the day the light of day is our answer. To open our eyes to behold the beauty of creation, the colors of the rainbow and the heavenly delights that hang from trees and grow on bushes for us to consume. The artificial world deceives modern man in thinking that sophistication is wearing a suit and tie, is the acquiring of a degree and mound of money. That is only as true as it is lasting and that way of life is quickly fading away. True sophisticated living comes of balance, harmony and collective togetherness. Living in the light is the way to enjoy a life beaming with the light of joy and the love of a laughter that reflects a gratuitously cultivated universal intelligence that slumbers within every living thing on this planet. Now is the time to awaken that reality for it is a dimension within and outside of us connecting all things though the very air we breath. Go outside, take a deep breath, feel the rays of the sun and imagine a harmonious future. Believe it or not, doing this day by day for just 7 minutes will change the world, if everyone does it :).



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