How Do We Stop The Poisoning Of Humanity? – Natural Easy Solutions To Combat Poisoned Food, Air, Water & Minds


I’m not kidding; this is an all-out assault on humanity.

It’s enough that you start protecting you and your families. Never mind who’s trying to kill you, just get out of their way as much as possible. There WILL be a time and a place for dealing with that, but for now, let’s just survive this full frontal assault, shall we?

Today is my birthday, and when I walked out into the sunshine this morning, I was greeted by a sky thick with chemicals. No longer are chemtrails a conspiracy theory. Like a lot of other things, it’s slipped into the arena of conspiracy fact, with the evidence being everywhere. Happy birthday to me.

Are They Too Stupid To Know They Are Also Killing Themselves?

Some people ask the question, “Well if they are trying to kill us, are they too stupid to know that they also will be killed via toxic poisoning?” The purpose of this article is not only to wake you the heck up but also, to put into your hands the very same survival techniques that those in the know use.

Some of the remedies include; water and air purifiers, organic red wine, oregano oil, diatomic earth, heavy metal detox methods and other toxic mitigation methods. For, we cannot completely eradicate the toxins of our planet, so all we’ve got is mitigation. It just might be enough!

Poisoned Food

Our grandparent’s bodies didn’t have to survive the chemical soup that is our modern world, but we do. I think it best to first understand exactly what G.M.O. means.

In days of old, farmers would save seed to replant next year. Usually. Howeverthe practice was to save seeds from the biggest, most robust and healthy plants. This is natural selection at work; nature provides the genetic mutations and man selects the best to regrow. A natural process.

Hybridization is man purposefully pollinating the biggest, most robust and healthy plants together. Plants don’t generally pollinate plants of other species, so this hybridization usually only occurs within the same subset of species. This is another natural process. Admittedly man is helping by ‘kissing’ flowers together, however, this is merely a mimic of the bees, ants and other pollinators, as seen in nature.

How Does G.M.O. Fit It?

For starters, G.M.O. Food plants are started in a laboratory. In this ‘creation’ of new plant strains, there are patents that are worth a LOT of money to big-ag. G.M. foods are produced so that farmers can spray the shit out of their crops with Roundup (active constituent glyphosate) to kill weeds. The GM crops are genetically engineered to withstand the chemical assault of the glyphosate. And they call it food.

As far as I’m concerned, food has always been FREE! Grow your food and keep the seeds. Get a compost heap going and maybe even get a couple of chickens, just like grandma used to do. She knows what’s what!

The most worrying thing for me is the unknown and seemingly purposefully hidden, long-term outcomes of long-term studies into the effects on humans. I also wonder why lobbyists fight for labelling of G.M. foods. If you are proud of your product, you shout it from the rooftops, don’t you?

Poisoned Air

Have you looked UP lately? Seen any ‘new’ types of clouds? You’re not alone. And, what IS that rainbow oil slick looking clouds on most days? The only thing that’s really safe to say is, the air quality isn’t what it used to be. Get your air clean, especially inside your house and car. In the house, you can grow indoor plants and use air purifiers. In the car, you obviously can’t keep the plants, but you can get little car air purifiers that do the job well. If you sit in traffic, I’d say the car air purifier might just save your life.

Wi-Fi electromagnetic signals are invisible but can be detrimental to the human body. An invisible toxin that is often overlooked. Turn off your Wi-Fi signal before you go to bed, that way, at least you have a chance of having an electromagnetically uninterrupted sleep. Also, try to sit as far away from the Wi-Fi transmitter as possible. Radio waves follow the inverse square parameters, whereby, each time you double the distance from the device, you halve the energy that reaches you.

Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM says that Wi-Fi affects cell growth, derails brain function and that it neutralizes sperm, promotes cardiac stress and may even contribute to cancer.

Poisoned Water

My water journey has been a long one. I’m still not quite happy with the situation just yet, but I’m working on it. I am now at the point, 2 years down the track, where I am drinking the cleanest water I can lay my hands on. The one thing I need to work on is rain capture; I don’t have any! Well, I do, but it currently consists of 10-litre water containers and catching the rain as it comes. When I run out of that, I buy water and run it through my Southern Cross water purifier. I have three now. Two in use and one for spare. Yes, the top ups are constant, but it gives great peace of mind and satisfaction to know that the water my children and I drink, is the cleanest I can provide.

Fluoride is one of the main toxins you are looking to avoid by drinking filtered water. The dangers of fluoride aren’t really debated, other than regarding just how dangerous it is for the human body. Take one look at Dr. Mercola’s site and you will find about 90 articles just about fluoride. Yes, it’s that important to remove from your diet!

Poisoned Mind

T.V. – Not only do you NEED to NOT tune into the so-called ‘news’ you also need to be mindful of the T.V. shows/series. Depicted in the T.V. series is the way they want you to live, eat, play and be with your families. Did you know that there are approximately 1200 mainstream ‘news’ outlets in the world and that when you trace back ownership of these media outlets, is goes back to about 6 owners?

Cleansing our minds of the constant blast from the media is a great way to start clearing your mind of all the rubbish it’s been fed all your life. SWITCH OFF THE SIGNAL! Read a book, hug a loved one, go for a walk, walk your dog, dance, call your friend for a chat. The list of things to do, other than sit in front of a T.V. having your mind programmed, is endless.


There are many ways of clearing your life of all the poisons you’re assaulted with on a daily basis. Everything is a process, and you’ve got to start somewhere. Take your first steps in doing something about improving your air, water, food and mind. Or continue on your journey if you’ve already begun. The possibilities are seemingly endless, but just focus on one of them and you’re off to a fantastic start!

Good luck!


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