The Spiritual, Psychic, And Energetic Levels Of Health


Contrary to conventional belief, the nonphysical and physical dimensions of life do not exist in isolation with each other. They are connected. Everything is simply energy expressing itself in different forms.

In light of this fact, people will find it helpful to place equal focus on both physical and nonphysical factors which affect health. Physical health is not limited to factors in the physical dimension alone. It is also completely linked to factors existing on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and even the psychic level. Often, the root causes of a physical disease can be traced back to nonphysical factors.

Lack of knowledge in this area can create different potential blindspots in an individual’s efforts to heal the body and also improve its health to the highest level.

Focusing on the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and even the psychic level, all at once, makes it easier to implement health changes which have lasting impact.

This focus might also hold the key to resolving long-standing health problems which don’t seem to be responding to conventional methods of treatment.

Some possible nonphysical causes of physical imbalance/disease include:

imbalanced energy in the genetic line

astral disease

etheric disease

astral entities

etheric mucuous

negative astral energy

negative elementals

psychic debris

astral debris

past life issues


damage to the etheric body

damage to the astral body

damage to the auric field

chakras which are out of balance

etheric pins, needles, bullets, and darts lodged in the energy field (coming from negative thoughts and emotions others might have towards an individual)

negative implants in the energy field

unnecesary interference on the energetic and psychic level

soul fragments

energetic cords

parasites on the nonphysical level

negative imprints

gray fields

This list is meant to open up a person to other factors which affect health. If you are having health problems, clearing and removing some or all of the factors mentioned above could be the key towards returning to wholeness. And, even if you are not having health problems, addressing some of the factors mentioned above will bring your health up to a whole new level. At the very least, paying attention to the above factors, making efforts to remove them, and prevent them helps in the maintenance of health, the prevention of disease, and the strengthening of the physical vehicle.

If you are interested in addressing this dimension of health, it may be helpful to contact a professional energetic or psychic healer experienced in this area. Professional intuitive healers with experience would be another possibility. Personally, I’ve been studying different forms of energy healing and also incorporate some ideas from Joshua Stone in dealing with the above mentioned factors.


(A lot of the information mentioned above on nonphysical causes for disease came from Joshua Stone. I do not necessarily agree with all of the information that he presents. I do, however, find he makes a strong point in highlighting nonphysical factors which impact health).