Spine Line Foot Massage to Reverse Back Pain


Back pain is a common concern among most people. As a matter of fact this pain can cause a decrease in productivity from ones daily work. This makes it quite difficult for one to go about their daily routine without having to take pain relieving medicine which also comes with its own set of side effects. To avert this, simple and effective solutions need to be sought so as to enjoy the best pain relief naturally. One of the ways that pain in the back can be alleviated in the back is through the use of foot massage. Yes… You heard that right. Foot massage can help alleviate pain in the lower back.

If reports published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research, the use of foot massage can help alleviate lower back pain in patients. A group of nurses was sampled in this study. All the sampled nurses had complained of chronic back pain or lower back pain. These nurses were then to undergo a foot massage and the pain instances were recorded after the massage. OF all the sampled nurses, it was noted that all mentioned that they benefited a great deal from the foot massage and back pain was either reduced or entirely eliminated.

When the study was performed, the study group comprised a sample size of 50 male and female nurses who had reported cases of chronic lower back pain. All participants of the study underwent sessions of 40 minutes of massage thrice a week for 2 weeks during the study period. The study participants was divided into two whereby half of the participants underwent foot massage also referred to as reflexology while the other half of the group underwent a general body massage. The group that undertook reflexology had the massage attendant’s massage with an aim at targeting various pressure points in the body which are linked to lower back pain.

At the end of the two week period, the study participants were interviewed. The participants who had foot massages were shown to report higher when it come to the reduction or even elimination of lower back pain as opposed to the group that undertook the general massage. It is however prudent to note that the group that underwent general massage reported a reduction in pain but this was lower than the pain that was felt by the other group.

From the results, it goes without saying that there is a link of foot massage with reduction of lower back pain as well as chronic back pain. It can also show that massage, whether on the body or the foot can help reduce back pain. Targeted massage that addresses various pressure points linked to various important nerves that move through the back can however offer better results on reduction of back pain as opposed to general and non-specific massage.

Chronic back pain can also be avoided by wearing comfortable shoes, preferable ones with no heels and if the heels must be, a very short one is preferred. The reason to this is because the posture one maintains is of grave importance and can help alleviate back pain. IT has been noted that the edge oc the feet tend to have sensitive pressure points that convey pain signals to the back and thus having comfortable shoes can help keep these pressure points in check.

In cases of chronic back pain, one can massage the feet themselves or have another person do it for them. Regular massage of the feet can cause lower back pain to disappear as the stiffness and pressure placed on the foot is massaged to allow for a free flow of blood and minerals in the foot.

To perform foot massage, one should sit down on a comfortable surface and place one foot on the hand. One should try to draw a line from the big toe going backwards to the heel and massage along that line. One should gently massage along that line for 20–30 minutes per foot to and fro to allow for blood flow and the reduction of anyswelling on the foot. Massage oil can be used to improve movement and minimize friction. Regular practice of this massage at least 2-3 times a week will offer one the benefit of alleviating lower back pain and improving the quality of life. Try it out today.


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