Sometimes Life Requires Swearing


Sometimes life requires swearing.

While I would not classify myself as a potty mouth by any means, I do use colorful language in my writings as I believe often they are the proper terms to convey the meaning that I am intending.

To remove them, and insert “nicer” “less offensive” or more “pc terms” demeans my efforts and frankly is an insult to our constitution and the concept that we all have the right to practice free speech. (So far anyway).

This morning I woke up to an email asking that I do just that, remove the term “bitchy” from a post I had made. I was annoyed. Especially as it was used as an adjective describing myself and a mood I was in. It was not aimed at anyone else.

Yes, they have the right to say what they do and don’t want on their website, just as I may or may not choose to continue to contribute there. When I went on to change it, which was well within the original 24 hour window they had issued me to alter my post, my entire posting had been deleted.

Now I was mad. I wrote back to them asking because this is a site that touts love, peace and oneness, why they were so judgmental over a simple “word” and hadn’t even let me have the opportunity to correct it myself.

I let it be known that their jump to action was not appreciated.
I half expected to be banned, as it has happened before to me on other sites, but I did get an apology for the premature deletion.

That’s one thing that upsets me greatly these days. The idea that we can’t speak freely anymore because “someone” MIGHT be offended.

If you only spoke words you were certain wouldn’t offend anyone, things would be awfully quiet!

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