Six Food Combining Rules for Optimal Digestion


Food combining has gained a lot of attention over the past few years.  It’s noted by scientists that the body digests different foods at different speeds while using certain enzymes.  Because of this, you can lose weight quicker, eliminate digestive diseases like esophagitis and reflux as well as eliminate bloat after or while eating.

There seem to be all sorts of rules for food combining, but here are six rules you should follow to be healthy and attain the goals you want to attain.

– Protein + Starch:  Most Americans that eat a meat meal like steak or pork chops do so while adding a starch as a side such as French fries or potatoes.  This is one of the worst food combinations a person can combine.  What begins to happen when you eat your starch is that the alkaline enzyme ptyalin starts to get produced.  This is the enzyme in the starch that breaks it down, which sounds good… at first.  After you eat your starch and then you eat the meat, the alkaline enzyme ptyalin actually begins to rot inside your gut which results in bacteria attaching the undigested meat.

The result:  Toxic waste flowing into the bloodstream, gas and feeling bloated.

– Protein + Protein:  Another popular option for people to eat is a meal, such as breakfast, using eggs and ham or bacon.  It’s said that different proteins take not only different processes to digest but also take different time lengths to process.  Something like beef and lamb together is okay to eat.  However, eggs and bacon take longer to digest.

Try to avoid concentrated proteins at all costs when it comes to combinations.

– Starch + Acids:  When a good like orange juice is drank with something like cereal and milk, the secretion of ptyalin inside your mouth is disturbed.  This means that when the enzyme used to break down the starch is used and essentially runs out (temporarily) that things like orange juice or grapefruit reach your gut and have no way to be digested.  In turn, the acidic process will essentially ferment inside your stomach.

– Proteins + Fats:  Its common knowledge that protein, specifically meat protein takes a longer time to digest.  Fats alternatively inhibit the body’s digestive system to produce gastric juices.  When combining fats with proteins, especially meat sources, the meat will not get digested or will take longer to do so.

Make sure you separate fats vs meats whenever possible this includes salted pork, cheeseburger with French fries, etc.

– Melons:  Some melons go great with other foods – taste wise, but this does not mean you should be eating BBQ on the grill and having watermelon for dessert.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  Melons do not actually get digested the way other foods we eat do.  Instead, they pass through your small intestine for digestion ONLY if you allow them to be eaten alone.

However, if you are mixing food (any food) with your melons this process will not happen and instead will ferment which will cause a whole slew of problems with your digestion and digestive tract.

– Desserts/Sweets:  People love their desserts.  Unfortunately, people don’t realize there are rules when it comes to eating them.  Of course, most dieticians and doctors will tell you to stay away from them completely, but if you have a craving you just cannot shake, make sure you never eat dessert after a big meal – such as dinner.  After dinner, your gut begins the digestive process.Unfortunately, when you add in sweets after the digestion has started, the digestion process will stop and putrefaction will start!

When possible make sure that starchy desserts like cakes, pies and turn overs, as well as sweet desserts and sweet fruits should only be consumed a few hours after the initial meal. This gives your digestive process time to break down the food from dinner and still allow you to feed your craving.

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