Should You Bring A Baby To A Movie Theater?


Should you bring a baby to a Movie Theater? AHHH!
Oh Dear God! I beg you! Please please please do not bring a baby to the movies. Or on a plane. Or to a fine restaurant, or or or…

I know you think your little bundle of joy is the cutest thing on the face of the planet, and that’s great. Every parent does and you should. All kids should be made to feel special and loved. But what I think most parents don’t understand is that not all of us like or appreciate children. It’s why we don’t have any.

When we pay to go somewhere and relax and enjoy ourselves and all we hear is a soul piercing “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” please find some way to quiet that child, because really, unless you are planning on paying for my ticket, it is not appreciated.

Why is it perfectly legal to have senior communities that are age 55+ but to say you want to build one where no kids are allowed the reaction is always people gasping in offended surprise?

Yes, many of you out there by now I am sure are offended and would be giving me a cold hard death stare if you could see me. I really don’t care. I have the right to free speech. Unfortunately not to the extent your small child does. If he or she screams in a movie theater for 10 minutes straight it’s “shhhhhh sweetie”. If I did that? They would kick me out of there immediately likely giving me a citation for disturbing the peace.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense that the general public doesn’t mind these outbursts. Just because most people are far more polite than I am doesn’t mean they don’t also have the secret urge to walk over to your table in a restaurant and cuss you out and duct tape your child’s face so they can finish their meal in peace and quiet.

I find it funny that we as a society have mandated the right to make smokers go outside. Yet families with unruly children we do nothing about. Why is that? If it is truly because their actions disturb the other patrons how is screaming any less disturbing than smoke? With kids we all sit there with fake smiles on our faces because it’s not politically correct to say what we are thinking. “Shut up!”

So please, as a purposefully childless person who doesn’t particularly enjoy children, if yours can not behave in public. Please leave them home. It is not fair to anyone else in the vicinity to be subjected to this.

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