The Saudi monarchy is beyond reckless!


Under a literally harsh interpretation of Islam, our worst ally, the Saudis, have put out a new initiative to add more to fire of the sectarianism conflict in ME. It has proven itself to be a clan created for savagery and barbarism.

Their primitive ideology feeds their ruthless terror groups like, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab and etc. All these extreme Sunni groups have Saudi blood in the veins. They follow a version of Islam that totally approves the indiscriminate killings of innocent people worldwide. Their ideology and their filthy money have funded the worst gangs of terror the world has ever seen. This corrupt kingdom is behind every suffering of all Muslims in the world. Their buffering pocket of US petrodollars is so embarrassing for me as an American.

Hiding behind Islam, they have so far changed the meaning of the holy book to oppression and killing of people and mass murdering them. I’m not a Muslim, but all I know is that they are not Muslims who represent Islam.

Up to now, due to the recent killing of a Shi’a leader known as Sheikh Nimr and the execution of another 42 people, they have provoked many uprisings and protests worldwide. Their decision sits well with the dehumanization in ME that’s taking over the whole region.

That the US is a “friend” of Saudi Arabia is so embarrassing. 9/11 terrorists came from there, bin Laden, and now 47 executed in one day.

Maybe, the “only” reason the US won’t break with the Saudis is because of the question that’s asked: “Absent the Saudis, who would get the oil they happen to be living on top of?” The oil, because that’s all that matters to US policymakers — If there were a credible alternative that were better than the Saudis, I’m pretty sure the Saudis would be history by now.





John Turner
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