Quiz Time: “What grain comes in red, black, and white varieties?”


Riddle me this; “What grain comes in red, black, and white varieties?”

A) Spelt

B) Wheat

C) Quinoa

If your answer is “C” you are correct!

Video: What is quinoa?

Learn more about this super food in the video below:

What are the different types of quinoa?

The most common variety of quinoa on the market today is the ivory quinoa. This has a slightly nutty taste and is quite moist. The ivory quinoa is often used in stews, soups, and as a replacement for any meals which one would traditionally serve potatoes, rice or pasta. This kind of quinoa is also great to use to make a “rice pudding” style dish or a hot “oatmeal” morning cereal.

Red quinoa is a slightly dryer grain that is ideal for any recipe where the grain adds to the appearance and appeal of the dish, such as salads. This type of quinoa tends to hold its original shape better than the ivory variety.

Black quinoa tends to be slightly sweeter than the other two varieties. Its flavour is also a bit “earthier” than either the ivory or red quinoa. The black quinoa holds its colour when cooked. This adds an element of visual aesthetics to salads and dips.

Quinoa flakes and flour

Quinoa is as versatile as any other type of grain. Quinoa flakes and even quinoa flour is now readily available. This is great news for those wanting to eat clean and stay away from gluten! Try replacing quinoa flour in your favourite recipes for a healthier, balanced protein alternative to over-processed, bleached flours traditionally used.

Who knew you did not have to give-up baking when living a healthier lifestyle!? One yummy treat I figured I would be deprived of for life was… muffins… mmmmmm! That was until I discovered the recipes like this one I found online.

Check out this Pinterest page for the full recipe.

Strawberry-Banana Quinoa Muffins

Search the internet for more amazing quinoa recipes, and have a peek at this breakfast one… and enjoy!

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