Quail eggs- A hidden healing wonder for cancer


Quail eggs are no longer just a delicacy but packed with loads of nutrients beneficial to health. Recent studies have revealed that quail eggs contain nearly four-times more nutrient value compared to other eggs such as chicken eggs. Despite its small size (smallest of all eggs), quail eggs carry the highest levels of disease fighting components.

Quail eggs: A solution for world’s killer disease

Cancer is the world’s major killer disease, and the fact that the number of cancer patients increases every day makes it a global threat to humanity. Exposure to contaminants such as free radicals and other toxic substances foreign to our bodies causes cancer. Quail eggs, rich in vitamin A and selenium, are powerful anti-oxidants with the ability of neutralizing the effects of freely occurring radicals in our bodies. Therefore, incorporating quail eggs in our daily diet in proper quantities can help rid our bodies from these harmful radicals.

Researchers headed for a milestone announcement

The medicinal value of quail eggs has a long history that dates back to the ancient Egypt and Chinese medicine. However, this old use was forgotten until in the 1960’s when Dr. JC Truffer, a France researcher, proved the role of quail eggs in combating age-related complications. Current researches, though on a small scale, have hinted at the potential of quail eggs in minimizing cancer as well as helping people fight cancer. The studies are yet to be conclusive to claim that quail eggs can help in combating cancer; perhaps due to the limited sample size. However, the recent findings indicate a higher likelihood that cancer patients may have a sigh of relief sooner than later.

Natural cholesterol is good for the heart

Quail eggs have a low carbohydrate and high amounts of protein. In addition, they are rich in healthy cholesterol, which is known for its heart-soothing properties. Being a rich source of folic acid, iron, B12, protein ribonfalvin, phosphorus and selenium, quail eggs are slowly gaining acceptance as incredible food that can lower the risk of cancer and heart complications.

Low carbohydrate and high protein a plus

They are rich in good cholesterol and less in bad cholesterol. This makes them an ideal heart diet. They also have the nutrients and vital components that provide the needed energy resistance from illness and for faster recovery from diseases. This makes quail eggs a healthy heart diet to prevent heart disease and for lowering blood pressure. Considerable research findings suggest that quail eggs also improve a person’s blood lipid profile. Being rich in folic acid, vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus, protein and selenium, quail eggs is an excellent choice for reducing risks of cancer and heart disease.


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