Proven Ways that Will Help You Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks


There are times when you simply pile on those extra pounds for one reason or another. These pounds come with one thing, stretch marks. And even if you hit the gym with a vengeance, these means more often than not remain. Well, worry no more. Here are four proven ways on how to get rid of stretch marks that will have you looking fine in no time. Some other good home remedies can also be found here.

Easy Ways of How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a rather helpful skin healing plant. It has been used to rectify many skin ailments from acne all the way to burns, and it still proves useful as a means of how to get rid of stretch marks. It has a number of benefits to the skin the most significant being moisturizing it and helping it recover from damage. For the best results with the use of aloe, it is usually good to go for the natural plant itself

Simply slice up some aloe leaves into the half, exposing the succulent center part. Rub the leaves on the affected skin till you are sure that the juice is no more. Let the aloe stay on the skin for around an hour then wash it off slowly with some water that is warm. It is always good to expose the skin to some light steam or warm water before applying the aloe so as to enable the aloe to penetrate into the pores and help the skin repair itself from a cellular level. This also helps to stimulate the blood flow and make the skin heal faster.

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks with Sugar Exfoliation

Sugar is sweet, but that is as much a most people know about the compound. Unknown to many, is the fact that sugar is also good when it comes to using it to exfoliate skin. It can thus be used as a means of how to get rid of stretch marks with marvelous results. It helps to decrease the stretch marks by removing the accumulated skin and debris, making them less profound.

Using this remedy is simple and all you need is some sugar, lemon juice, and some almond oil. Pour some sugar in a bowl then add some almond oil. Mix the two to form a thick paste. Slowly add the lemon juice while you stir. When a smooth paste is achieved, stop and apply this on the affected areas of the skin. Make sure to gently massage the skin during the application. Let it say there for about thirty minutes. Wash it off gently with some water then let the skin dry by itself. Doing this daily for about a month should rid you of any stretchmarks.

Rid Yourself of Stretch Marks with Lemon Juice

When discussing means of how to get rid of stretch marks, it would be criminal to leave lemon juice from the selection. It helps with stretch marks in two ways. The fist is by exfoliating the skin and removing the dead cells and excess oils that collect on it. The next is by making the skin lighter and ridding it of all marks and blemishes.

Lemon juice can be used alone or with some cucumbers when it comes to fighting off stretch marks. The first way is to apply some fresh lemon juice to the skin, leave it there for about half an hour then wash it off with some warm water. The other is to bend some cucumbers and mix the extracted juice with an equal portion of lemon juice. This is then used to massage the damaged skin, then left to sit for about forty minutes. It should then be washed off with some warm water too.

Egg whites, The Stretch Mark Remedy

The building blocks for many proteins are amino acids, and this is exactly what egg whites as a means of how to get rid of stretch marks brings on the table. They are also a rich source of raw protein, which when absorbed by the skin helps to mend itself. Using egg whites also help to even out uneven skin since any damage incurred is repaired from a cellular level.

To take advantage of this means of how to get rid of stretch marks, extract the egg whites from a couple of eggs. Beat them into a good consistency then apply them on the affected areas of the skin. Let the dry then allow them to sit on the skin for about thirty minutes. Wash the skin with some warm water then let it dry. Repeat the procedure on a daily basis, ensuring to moisturize the skin after each treatment.

Ways of Avoiding Stretch Marks

Other than good ways on how to get rid of stretch marks, here are some viable suggestions of avoiding them altogether. Pick a remedy or four and stick with them, and there is a great chance you may never notice a stretch mark in your life.

The skin needs to be nourished as the body gowns. This means eating a balanced diet for all meals. Your intake of vegetables and proteins should also remain optimum so that the skin can grow at the same rate as the rest of the body.

Have some good solid exercise once in a while and always ensure to stretch. This helps the skin fit perfectly into the body. Extreme exercise is not recommended as having excess muscle can as well cause stretch marks

Moisturize your skin every once in a while to keep it elastic and glossy and preventing the cracking that results in stretch marks and scars.