Pro-Life Protesters


While I fully support your first amendment right to stand by the side of the road waving your signs with dead fetus’s on them, it doesn’t stop me from having mental Ali McBeal moments where I see myself turning the wheel ever so slightly and hearing *thunk thunk thunk* as I mow you down with my car just grazing the sidewalk as I pass by.

How dare you try and legally impose your moral values and opinions on another human being forcing them to do with their body and life as you see fit? Are you God? Has someone deemed you supreme ruler of all that is? So far as I know that has not happened.

While I personally am against killing. What people dont seem to understand is the background behind birth and life itself. We are all souls having a human experience here on earth. Before you incarnated into this current body, you made contracts with people. Some to help them learn lessons, others for you to. You choose your parents. You even choose your name. Life is a choice. YOURS.

When you enter into another being as a baby, you have done so in an agreement. Sometimes, however, the parents are not ready or able to accept this responsibility at the time it happens. Its not an easy thing to decide, but it isn’t a purely selfish decision either.

Every child that is born deserves good parents who are able to love and take care of them. When it is seen that that would not be the case and termination of pregnancy is chosen, it is wise for the mother to be or even the father to be to talk aloud to that child and explain that though they are loved and wanted, it can not be right now and that you are sorry and will meet again.

Pro-life advocates seem to simply see it as murder. But thats not really the whole picture. There are no accidents. There are no wrong choices. Every choice you make is right for you and you have to trust in the Universe/God that it is so.

If we allow these peoples opinions to get to the point of overturning Roe vs Wade it will not stop abortions from happening. It will simply take them underground and make them unsafe again, leading to even more deaths.

If everyone would simply support one another in their decisions and realize that it is not their life or their business… no matter how nobel they truly believe they are being in their cause…. The world would be a much better place.

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