Prevent Hair Loss with Raw Onion Juice


“Over 90% of men who treated their scalp with raw onion juice experienced positive hair regrowth.”

Onion Juice Hair Loss Remedy – Recipe

  • 1 Onion – grated into a bowl.
  • Strain the grated onion until you are left with only the juice.
  • Combine 2 tablespoons of raw onion juice with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Gently massage the mixture into your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo afterwards.
  • Repeat daily for best results.

How Onion Juice Promotes Hair Growth

A study done in 2002 on patients with Alopecia Areata found a remarkable benefit of onion juice. 23 patients had their scalp treated with onion juice twice daily for two months, while 15 others were treated with simple tap water.

After just 1 month, 73.9% of patients treated with onion juice experienced hair regrowth. After six weeks, this number jumped to 86.9%.

Male participants proved to benefit from the onion juice treatment the most, with 93.7% showing positive hair regrowth. Only 71.4% of female participants showed positive hair regrowth.

This study was relatively small, with a total of 38 participants. However, the number of participants that experienced hair regrowth is impossible to ignore.

Health Benefits of Onions

The onion is a part of the Allium family, rich in sulfur and a huge boon to a healthy diet. Sulfur-rich foods like onions and garlic are fantastic for boosting L-cysteine levels, a critical precursor for our body’s Glutathione production. Helping to promote a strong immune system, liver function and total body health.

Onions are also a great source of manganese, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B1, B6, C and folate.

Almost everyone can agree that onions are a hugely important piece of a healthy diet, a super-food with a vast number of health benefits. But it doesn’t stop there, it can also help you maintain your hairline and promote a rich, full and healthy head of hair.


Author: Jeffrey Sutton contributes to numerous online health sites and publications. Having spent years specializing in natural health supplements with an emphasis on Glutathione, Jeffrey recently formulated the Glutathione enhancing supplement GSH Gold.



Jeffrey Sutton