President Trump is being manipulated in Syria


In an interview with Bashir Al Assad following the US-led strikes in Syria, Al Assad pointed out the obvious point which the US and their allies seem unwilling to even examine as a possibility. There was no strategic, military or political benefit for Al Assad to gas his own people, when the Syrian Army had all-but secured Eastern Ghouta and the US and Russia were set to pull-out of Syria altogether. (Clear Sky News, 2018)

Most criminal investigators are taught a lesson in school that “the crime is the motive, and the motive is the crime.” Where is the motive behind these attacks by Assad? How much logical sense does it make for the leader of a country to gas his own people when he/she are on the verge of victory?

The “White Helmets” have been caught staging events in the past, and this was likely another politically manipulative event meant to keep the United States backing the so-called “rebel forces” in Syria, who are fighting against Assad and Russia in Syria. I want to be clear here, when I say “staged events” I am not referring to conspiracy theories where no one was killed or injured. I do believe innocent victims came from this most recent use chemical weapons in Syria.

There is no EVIDENCE one way or the other, yet President Trump’s administration released an assessment saying they have a high level of confidence that this recent attack was carried out by the Assad regime (see report here at the link below this paragraph).  In this report, the administration details the fact that they have no real intelligence and they are basing their decisions off of social media content and reports on the ground.

“This conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources, the reported symptoms experienced by victims, videos and images showing two assessed barrel bombs from the attack, and reliable information indicating coordination between Syrian military officials before the attack.” (The White House, 2018)


There is also the fact that Russia is claiming this to be a false flag attack, as well as the fact that a Russian general was given a briefing only a month before these recent attacks in Eastern Ghouta, and the briefing detailed how there would be a staged chemical attack by rebels and blamed on the Syrian regime. New reports by Russian officials are also claiming they have witnesses who claim to have witnessed the staging of this most recent attack.

“Russia’s Tass news agency claimed early on April 13th, prior to US led Air strikes, that Russian investigators have located and spoken with persons in the Syrian city of Douma who witnessed the staging of the videos that the U.S-and-UK-financed White Helmets group supplied, and which videos the U.S., French and UK Governments use to justify their planned invasion of Syria.”(Zuesse, 2018)

The fact remains that the United States, nor Trump and his administration, knows for sure what happened in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, last week with this most recent attack. When the deal was reached for Russia and Syria to remove all chemical weapons from the war-torn country, it was pointed out that to remove ALL chemical weapons in such an unstable security environment would be quite the task…

“This situation has no precedent,” said Amy E. Smithson, an expert on chemical weapons at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. “They are cramming what would probably be five or six years’ worth of work into a period of several months, and they are undertaking this in an extremely difficult security environment due to the ongoing civil war.” (Gordon, 2013)


Here is a Russian General detailing the likelihood of this EXACT attack happening, an entire month before it happened:


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