Pharmaceutical Drug Commercials – You’ll Never Look at them the same


Did you ever notice in pharmaceutical commercials how they mention dangerous and deadly side effects while showing fun and happy pictures, in a soothing tone?

Communication Breakdown

According to the UCLA study led by professor, Albert Mehrabian,

With human communication:

  • 7% is the actual words spoken.
  • 38% is voice and tone, and
  • 55% is Body language.

But when you watch these pharmaceutical commercials, you’ll notice the words spoken does not match the images or the voice and tonality of the narrator.

Therefore, only 7% of the presentation is communicating the truth. Because of this, our subconscious mind can easily disregard the side effects as irrelevant.

What would a commercial look like if they had to actually show what they are saying?  If the words spoken had to match the images on the screen plus the voice and tonality of the narrator?  


These misleading and deceptive commercials saturate our television screens, and the minds and consciousness of the consumers.

They make the drugs look safe and fun. And the side effects are minimized.

However, not only are these drugs more dangerous than the commercials portrays, but there are often safer solutions that you won’t see on television.

Natural Products Versus Pharmaceutical Drugs

Natural Products: Natural product from the earth, includes herbals, medicinal plants, essential oils, – are less costly and safer

Pharmaceutical Drugs: Natural product – modify in a laboratory – get a patent – advertise everywhere – make massive profits!

These pharmaceutical commercials cost a fortune. A company will only advertise a product on television if that product can make massive profits.

For every dollar drug companies spend on advertising, they earn $2 to $4 in profits.

Furthermore, these companies can only make massive profits when they have a patent on the product.

It is not possible to get a patent on natural products. Only products that have been created in a laboratory, or a natural product that has been modified are able to get the patents. So these patents are great for the money making corporations, but not necessarily the best option for our health.


In the video below we explore what a pharmaceutical commercial would look like if the words spoken have to match the voice and tone of the narrator and the images on the screen.

Call to Action:
1 – Imagine having to experience the side effects they mention while showing happy images. Because the drug companies aren’t showing you, and they are real.

2 – Look for safer natural treatment options. Since only expensive money-making drugs are on television.

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Holistic Pharmacist
Dr. Leyla Ali is a pharmacist for 20 years. Over the years she has had the opportunity to see how patients who take more and more medications over time get sicker and sicker. Dr. Leyla learned there are a variety of alternative and natural ways to treat health conditions that people often struggle with for years. This inspired her to write her book, Off Balance, The American Way of Health, A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Why Drugs Don’t Work.

Now her goal is to not only show people the limitations of doctors and drugs, but also to inspire people to search for better solutions for their health.