Do You Have Parasites?


Do You Have Parasites?

Parasites got you down?

I have heard so much in the past few years about parasites and parasite treatments.  Many holistic doctors are looking to parasites and other health suckers for the root of many “unexplainable” diseases.

In this modern age of water treatment plants and clean, bright grocery stores, many of us are lulled into a false sense of cleanliness and purity when it comes to our food.  We mindlessly go to the grocery store, buy our produce and go home and prepare our meals.  Perhaps, we give it a good rinse or maybe not at all, I’ve definitely been guilty of eating an apple straight from the store.

Same thing goes for our tap water, we have these monstrously large sewage treatment plants that are supposed to make our water safe for drinking.  And yes, compared to third world countries these, are helping a great deal, but when it comes to our health, I wouldn’t stake my life on it.  Unfortunately, these treatment plants do not guarantee success, they do not guarantee purity.  What they guarantee is that it will meet basic standards.
Our food supply is treated much the same way.  Vegetables, fruits and meats can be transported in huge tractor trailers together and sometimes cooling mechanisms are not as sufficient as they could be.  This means that while the vegetables and fruit may not have had parasites on the skin to begin with, they may have come in contact with meat that did.  As many of us know, there is a risk associated with consuming undercooked or raw meat.  While what I’m about to describe is not necessarily commonplace, I have heard of this happening: meat being transported with vegetables and fruit that is in an air conditioned truck can leak blood and juices (water, preservatives, etc…) on to the other produce that is being transported in the same truck.  Upon arrival no further washing or inspections are preformed and the produce is set out for sale.  The possible exposure to raw meat can possibly lead to cross contamination.  Which is why it is always advantageous to thoroughly wash your vegetables and fruit and you some sort of cleaning agent, preferably organic.

What you should do if you suspect you have parasites….

1) Contact a holistic medical practitioner- many MDs and DOs are running holistic practices where they check for parasites and have protocols in place should a patient test positive.

2) Wash all fruits and vegetables!

3) Cook all meat thoroughly

4) Use garlic daily- garlic is great for protecting the body against parasites and working to kill the parasites currently residing in your body

5) Tinctures can be made using wormwood and other herbs/roots- for more information on homemade tinctures contact a holistic practitioner


About the Author:

Dr. Morgan Crowley, DC has dedicated her life to being a health detective.  She researches and finds the answers to many of the questions that we have about our health and well-being.  She currently resides in Mt Pleasant, SC with her 2 dogs.  You can find her at or .

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