Organic Gatorade will hit the market in 2016!


Global sales of healthy food are estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2017. (1)  While some health food trends have come and gone, the current trend appears to have more stamina, forcing companies to change their products and produce healthy alternatives before health food companies sweep away the profits.

Global sales for healthy foods are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2017!

PepsiCo is known for it’s soda brand as well as its Frito Lay products.  PepsiCo is no different than other companies out there that are pushing out healthier products.  In 2011, the company released a new distribution of healthy product to China as well as a low-calorie fruit puree to test the U.S. market.  (2)

It appears that PepsiCo’s next move is organic gatorade!  The drink is not typically known for its natural ingredient profile.  Gatorade is the leading sports drink brand that is favored and marketed by countless athletes.  While the drink is advertised for its electrolyte-replenishing powers, it also contains sucralose, and neon artificial coloring, which is not associated with natural ingredients. (3)

PepsiCo plans to release organic gatorade, despite the original beverages lack of natural ingredients!

Yet, in 2016, PepsiCo will release an organic version of this beverage, pulling on consumer’s desire to consume organic products. (3)

PepsiCo has not yet released the ingredient profile for their organic Gatorade.  Its safe to assume that the market is skeptical of how PepsiCo could make Gatorade organic without changing the entirety of their ingredients.  (3)

PepsiCo is working to piggy back their Naked Juice smoothie line and their 80-calorie fruit puree called Tropolis. (2)  The success of PepsiCo’s healthy food and beverage line continues to lie with consumers.  The question remains: Are consumers buying the products because they truly are healthy or because they are marketed as healthy?

Read labels and support companies who are producing genuine health foods!

Learning to read labels and understand ingredients is necessary with so many mainstream companies jumping on the global health food market.  Be sure that you are giving your dollar to companies that are producing genuine healthy foods!

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