How Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil Can Improve Your Dental Health


An old folk remedy that still used today to help treat and prevent oral problems is oil pulling. Oil pulling is believed to pull toxins from the mouth and heal cavities. It is also known to relieve gum diseases and rid bad breath naturally. Many simply use this alternative remedy to whiten teeth so they can have a healthier appearing smile. Some people practice oil pulling because they believe it can help treat and relieve headaches, asthma, acne and digestive issues. If you decide, you want to give oil pulling a try the guide below will help get you started.

Choosing the Right Oil for Oil Pulling

Traditional, oil pulling is done using sesame or sunflower oil because they are odorless and tasteless. However, coconut oil is a more beneficial oil to practice oil pulling with because it contains lauric acid, which is an essential fatty acid that is proven to kill harmful bacterial that causes cavities, gum disease and bad breathe.

Coconut oil is also pleasant in taste and delightful to swish around in the mouth for long periods too really help draw out toxins from the mouth and stains from the teeth. It is even believed to heal cavities and prevent new ones from forming, but you will have to practice this healing method daily to find out if this fact is true or not.

Steps to Oil Pulling Properly

1. To begin, with oil pulling, it is best to place a tablespoon of coconut oil or the oil of your choice into your mouth first thing in the morning. Then, you will not swallow, but you will swish it around in your mouth for 20-minutes. Do not swish any longer than that because you will just place the toxins and bacteria back into the mouth.

2. after the 20-minutes is up, spit the oil out of your mouth and rinse with water. The oil maybe a yellowish color, but that is because it pulled toxins, bacteria and other debris from your mouth. You may even rinse with a salt water solution after too.

3. Brush your teeth with organic toothpaste and rinse your mouth out with an organic oral rinse to help further your mouth’s health.

4. Repeat this practice daily to achieve the oral health benefits you desire to have. If you feel like coconut oil isn’t the right oil to practice oil pulling with you may switch to a different kind such as olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil or even grape seed oil. Olive oil does have a stronger distasteful bitter flavor, but some people do like this.

End Notes for Practicing Oil Pulling

When you want to improve on your oral health, oil pulling is an option when other alternatives aren’t working for you. However, it is still best to brush, floss and rinse your mouth out a few times daily and after sugary snacks. It is also wise to visit a dentist every 6-months for your oral check up to make sure your mouth is in proper health. Oil pulling alone can improve your oral healthy greatly, but not all on its own. You still also need to eat a well balanced diet and reduce your sugar intake to keep your teeth healthy and strong and your gums free of diseases. If you have severe cavities or gum problems, it’s best to see a dentist right away for proper treatment.

Oil pulling is not proven to cure any kind of oral health condition. It’s only proven to help maintain a healthy mouth, so keep that in mind when practicing this alternative method.


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