Obama’s Ultimate Food Betrayal Of The People


by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.

President Obama has received a lot of praise lately by virtue of the First Lady’s crusade to change the nutrition labels on our food.  Although many of the proposed changes simply increase the font size on the label, it at least is a step in the right the direction.  As detailed in our prior March 1, 2014 blog, the new nutrition label proposal evidences Obama’s GMO label law betrayal.  President Obama was initially elected in part, based on his campaign promise to the people that he would make sure that we would be able to tell whether or not our food was genetically modified.  Subsequent to being elected, Obama appeared to reverse his stance by failing to keep his promise and seemingly becoming “friendly” with Monsanto and the like.  This is highlighted by the fact that the new nutrition label changes are glaringly void when it comes to identifying GMO’s.

But let us not forget what is perhaps Obama’s ultimate food betrayal of the people.  In 2009, shortly after being elected, Obama appointed Michael R. Taylor, Esq. to the FDA to oversee food safety.  This is the same Mr. Taylor that previously worked for the USDA, FDA , gained Monsanto as a client back in 1981 and perhaps most notably worked as Monsanto’s vice president for public policy.  Many argue that Taylor’s revolving door history of “working both sides of the fence” and essentially spearheading Monsanto’s GMO campaign, among others, presented at the very least a conflict of interest.  Further, that appointing Taylor to the FDA to oversee food safety, is tantamount to having the fox watch the hen house.  Notwithstanding, Obama appointed Taylor to the FDA while the words of his GMO label campaign promise to the people, were virtually still fresh off his lips.

Unfortunately, the general news media doesn’t ask the Obamas to answer some of the tough questions about the new nutrition label program and instead just lavishes them with gratuitous praise.  Inquiring minds want to know why did Obama break his campaign promise to the people?  How could Obama promise GMO transparency one minute, then appoint Michael Taylor to the FDA the next minute, even though such appointment practically screams with conflict of interest?  Isn’t the new nutrition label program a mere smokescreen that favors increased font size over requiring GMO labeling, effectively being an exercise in the superficial over substance?  Lastly Mr. President, how dumb do you think the American people are?

Long Island Lawyer
Paul A. Lauto, Esq.

Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
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