Nutritional Live Blood Analysis


Nutritional Blood Analysis is a unique test that’s done with a single drop of blood placed under a high-powered microscope. You then get to see a living picture of your blood on a computer monitor while the test is being conducted. This is an amazing opportunity to really look inside of yourself.

My experience:

Despite eating extremely well, working out, taking vitamins, doing cleanses and really making a huge effort to take care of myself I have chronically been sick on and off for a few years now. So when I saw the opportunity to do Nutritional Blood Analysis, I took it.

I sat down and they pricked my finger with a small lancet like diabetics use. The technician then dabbed the glass slide on the pooling blood droplet on my finger and put it under the microscope. Immediately it was very interesting to see, though really I had no idea what I was looking for.

She began to describe each kind of cell saying that overall my blood looked very healthy. You could see the big round plump healthy red blood cells, and the fewer number of white ones, there were a few also that had raggedy edges which she said were dying off, which is normal – our blood cells have a life span of 120 days and then are purged from the body making way for new ones.

From my slide she could tell: That I was slightly dehydrated (need to up my water intake), was not digesting proteins completely (need to take digestive enzymes), and the big one – some of the cells had white rings around them – which indicates a systemic yeast infection which is an advanced stage fungal fermentation infection (need to take probiotics and do a good Candida cleanse). They also could tell that my adrenal glands were not working up to par (taking Drenamin to revive them as well).

I am amazed at how much can be figured out by a single drop of blood and very excited to see my health improve to the level it should be by taking this advice.

Here is a complete list of what can be found simply by taking a close up visual look at your blood:

Rouleau – red blood cells linking together in a chain, caused by poor digestion of proteins.

Aggregation – red blood cells clumped in a mass… a more severe form of Rouleau.

Anisocytosis – small and large RBC’s caused by lack of B-12, Folic Acid, or Iron.

Ovalocytes – oval shaped RBC’s caused by lack of B-12, Folic Acid, or hormonal imbalance.

Target Cells – caused by cells lacking in iron or poor absorption of iron.

Hemolysis – malnourished or damaged cells caused by bacterial infection or toxins.

Poikilocytosis – free radical damage caused by ingestion or inhalation of toxins (chemicals, tobacco, fumes, etc.)

Echinocytes – caused by low potassium, dehydration, or kidney toxicity.

Acanthocytes – possible liver, lung or colon toxicity.

Plaque – fat and platelet aggregation which have broken off of the artery walls. Caused by denatured fat intake, heated vegetable oils, and sugars.

Uric Acid Crystals – caused by high levels of monosodium urate from undigested proteins.

Sugar Crystals – caused by the poor assimilation of carbohydrates and sugars.

Parasitized RBC’s – bacteria or parasites inside the red blood cell. Caused by a weakened immune system, pets, unwashed fruits and vegetables, bad water, etc.

Fungal Forms – caused by undigested carbs, antibiotics, mold spores, grains, sugars , peanuts, cheese, mushrooms and many other types of food.

Yeast – an advanced stage of fungal fermentation.

Spicules – fibrinogens which form in response to liver stress, poor digestion, toxins, antibiotics, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee.

Live Nutritional Blood Analysis costs anywhere between $75 and $150. This is still less expensive than most traditional doctor visits and in my opinion, tells you far more.

To find a technician in your area look in your yellow pages or online for “Nutritional Blood Analysis Testing.”

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