Is it Normal to Have Joint Pain at the Age of 20’s?


Having joint pain at the age of 20’s is very common nowadays because of hereditary factors and the type of food people consume. Joint pain is mainly severe because it swells, making the people at the age of 20s’ experience tough times especially when walking or participating in sports. Young adults at this age are active and they can be involved in injuries or activities that that can affect their joints causing pains.

At Johnson and Wales University in Providence, a professor found out that the swelling and inflammation among the people at 20’s is caused by weakening of the immune system. This is commonly felt in the finger, knee and ankle joints. Other symptoms may include a severe headache, stiffness, fatigue and numbness of the body. The joints are usually swollen especially in the arms, making it difficult for them to perform simple tasks, such as showering, putting on clothes or even washing the dishes.

Draining Diagnosis
Most researchers concur that diagnosing among the young adults is not easy. But such pains can be medically managed with steroids, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic drugs. However, these drugs may have side effects such as weight increase, liver related problems and infection susceptibility by the young adults at 20’s. Joint pain treatments can be complex because young adults at 20’s may not seek medical attention early and hence the condition might end up becoming chronic.

Young adults
Joint pain among the young adult is common than many people think. In the United States of America, more than 1.3 million young adults report the pain in their joints. It is believed that joint pains among the young adults are not common. However, research by Cynthia Crowson, MS, a Mayo Clinic biostatistician and RA researcher found out that people in 20’s are at risk because 1 in 2,778 for men and 1 in 714 for women can get joint pain at that age. Smoking a lot at this age can increase the chances of a person becoming affected by joint pains; this was a research done at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine by Rebecca Manno, a rheumatologist. In addition, family or hereditary factor is the second main factor that can affect most people at this age.

Workout Joints
People at 20’s are advised to do thorough warm up in order to relax the muscle before engaging in strenuous workouts. This is important in relieving the joint pains rather than vigorously jumping into workouts. According to Kruse David, joints hurt and pains can be avoided if slow warm up is done on a regular basis especially if you are an athlete

There are several measures that can be used in joint pain prevention, which includes:
The body of a person becomes weak after injury especially if it involves a joint. Rehabilitation of an injured joint is vital for it to become strong. Young adults are prone to these injuries hence prevention of further damage is necessary. If there is a pain after an injury, it is vital not to ignore, but instead get immediate medical treatment and advice. Youths usually do not take such pains seriously and this will continuously affect them and they might get chronic joint pains in future.

Joint pains prevention can be reduced by using some supplements that can ease the pain. These supplements are all natural and are risk-free compared to drugs. Natural remedies are recommended by many doctors because of fewer or no side effects. However, these remedies are slower in relieving the pain than drugs because it takes more than 8 weeks for them to work. Let your doctor know before you start using supplements.

Joint pains can be prevented by massaging the affected areas. This is one of the excellent means of relieving pains at the joints such as the hips and knees. It can be done at home or by professionals if you can have access. A topical menthol application in the affected areas can reduce or relieve pain. This is one of the natural and recommended ways of easing joint pains. When massaging the affected area, the strokes should be to the directed toward the heart.

It is the use of lukewarm water that will help ease joints and muscle pressure. Also, taking a warm bath can help in alleviating joint pains at the hips and knees. Warm water can stimulate smooth flow of blood in the areas that have pain.

In reference to health experts, though it is normal to have Joint pain at 20’s, it can be prevented at the early age before it becomes severe. What we eat can play a vital role in maintaining and improving our health. Having a balanced diet will help in softening tissues and strengthening bones especially at the joints. A balanced diet should have adequate nutrients and minerals, such as vitamins, proteins, iron, calcium and iron. To have healthy joints, omega-3 fatty acids should be included in your regular diet. Don’t let joint pain strike this early!


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