Non-Surgical Treatment for Ovarian Cysts in Ayurveda


Ovarian cysts treatment without surgery is promising with herbal remedies, proper eating habits and following a healthy life style.

Generally women develop cyst at least once during their lifetime. Small sized cysts get resolved its own but if cysts are of significant size then treatment is required. In numerous cases, it has also been noticed that cysts are painless and the symptoms are hard to spot. Hormonal irregularities are the main cause of ovarian cysts.

Due to the ovarian cysts, women experience the complications like difficulty in conceiving, ovarian cancer, cyst rupture (internal bleeding) etc.

It can be ovarian cysts if you experience any of these:

  • Pelvic pain before the beginning and end of periods
  • Pelvic pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Heaviness and fullness or in your abdomen
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting during pregnancy
  • Frequent urination


Ovarian cysts treatment without surgery is possible with the help of herbs in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, accumulation of toxins and impurities in rasa (plasma) and rakta (blood) dhatus (tissues) result in ovarian cysts.

From the treatment viewpoint, Ayurveda mainly emphases on to pacify the vitiated rasa and rakta doshas. Herbs help to reduce the estrogen levels, balance the hormonal irregularities and shrink the size of cysts. Above and beyond, healthy diet and appropriate life style also contribute to manage the ovarian cysts in females.


Amalaki (Emblica officinalis):-

Commonly it is called as amla or gooseberry. Rejuvenating, anti-oxidants, detoxifying, anti-cancerous properties of amla make it an effective herbal remedy to manage the symptoms of ovarian cysts. Bioactive compounds found in amalaki like Tannins, saponins, glycosides, sterols and alkaloids possess the anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties.

Haritaki (Terminalia chebula):-

It is considered as incredible herb in Ayurveda to treat Ovarian cysts. It helps to balance the hormonal and menstrual irregularities which are major causes of this problem. Additionally like flavonoid, terpenoids, alkaloids present in this herb also work well to decrease the size of cyst in natural way. Furthermore, anti-inflammatory properties of this herb help to provide relief in painful bowel movements, pelvic pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting and pain during intercourse etc.

Sunthi (Zingiber officinale):-

Sunthi is called as dry ginger. This herb has stimulating effect on the endocrine glands which balance the hormones. In addition, anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help to reduce menstrual cramps and also shrink size of ovarian cysts naturally as well as.

Marich (Piper nigrum):-

It is commonly called as black pepper which is amongst the one of most common spice used in the Indian kitchen. Though this herb has great therapeutic importance to cure the diseases. It possesses the detoxification action which help to eliminate the accumulated toxins and impurities from body in ovarian cysts. Moreover, phytochemical compounds present in this herb help to reduce and dissolve the size of cysts naturally.

Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa):-

It is a famous herb in Ayurveda for supporting the good health of female reproductive system. It helps to sustain the good hormone levels in the female’s body in order to improve ovaries functions.

Kachnar bark (Bauhinia variegata):-

Medicinal properties of this herb support the good health of female reproductive system. Leaves, buds, flowers, barks, roots and seed all the parts of this herb are quite good to treat the ovarian cysts. Phytochemical compounds found in Kachnar are- alkaloid, tannins and ascorbic acids which help to dissolve the cysts naturally.

Alsi (Linum usitatissimum):-

Commonly people know Alsi by the name of flaxseeds. To balance hormones levels in the body, use of this herb is quite effective. It plays a vital role to balance the ratio of estrogen to progesterone in body. Moreover being a rich source of fibre it helps to eliminate the toxins from body.

One can also opt for some supplements easily on regular basis for easy convenience. You can search for authentic one for maximum benefits. There are many like Chanderprabha Vati, Kanchnaar Guggul, Pradrantak Churna, Female Health Support, Narikalyan Churna etc.


  • Consume vegetables like cauliflower, lentils, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels, sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrot, spinach, kale beans, lettuce, pumpkin, spinach etc.
  • Consume  fruits like papaya, pineapple, avocado, cherries banana, prunes, strawberries, figs, apples, mango, pear etc.


  • Reduce the Alcohol intake as it can elevate estrogen levels.
  • Restrict the intake of junk foods.
  • Don’t take caffeine products and carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid to take the refined sugar which is found in cakes, pastries, candy and cookies.

Healthy routine is only way to stay healthy and live gracefully. To avoid ovarian cysts surgery, make the yoga and Pranayam an important part of your routine. Such practices help to rejuvenate the body.

Vikram Chauhan
Dr. Vikram Chauhan is MD in Ayurvedic Medicine and an expert Ayurveda consultant from Chandigarh and practicing in Mohali, India. He is an Author of Book - Ayurveda - God's manual for healing (Must read for people interested in learing basics of Ayurveda, diet and principles of healing according to Ayurveda). He is spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda - Ancient healing system of India, not only in India but also abroad.