All Natural Transdermal Pain Products That Really Work!


What if you didn’t have to take pain medication to manage your pain?

Life isn’t meant to be lived in pain, or to suffer though… Prescription pain medication, or even over the counter, can have unwanted side effects. Here are a few ideas that I have personally tried and that have worked wonders for me.

FGXpress Power Strips
I was recently sent a couple of samples of FGXpress Power Strips to try. Expecting them to be like other pain relief patches I have seen and tried I thought they would either feel hot or cold. They are neither hot nor cold. In fact when you put them on you don’t feel much of anything.

I applied a patch to my shoulder. After a while I forgot I was wearing it. They are very lightweight, bendable and stay on well. What I did notice after a few hours was that my shoulder was hurting less and less.

The next morning I woke up feeling great, no pain at all in my shoulder or neck!

What is an FGXpress Power Strip and why do they work?

They are the only product of their kind to be listed by the Federal Drug Administration as a Class 1 Medical Device for the treatment and management of pain.

They work by using a fusion of modern energy and ancient herbs, which promote the temporary relief of pain, and improved look and feel to the skin. They are made with a plant-based bio-degradable matrix that is non-toxic and water soluble.

Each strip has two layers. The first layer contains elemental Germanium particles. It is accepted and well understood that thermal energy is constantly emitted from the body. This energy passes through the strip unimpeded, strikes the germanium particles and is reflected back to the body as FAR Infrared energy which penetrates deep into the tissue and causes an increase heat. The key herbs infrared also allows for propagation of more blood, more oxygen to the blood, and most importantly allows the cells to export metabolic waste and “heal” themselves faster.

As heat is distributed, vessels dilate which increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The second (adhesive) layer contains a proprietary blend of:
Fermented Korean Red Ginseng (This herb has shown to improve memory, improve immune system function, help manage stress and provide relaxation. It also helps with liver function, immune spots, and can even normalize blood pressure.)
Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton (Another key element is a revolutionary Super food called Marine Phytoplankton. It contains hundreds of different carotenoids, minerals, amino acids and nutrients and is considered to be a “complete source of nutrition.)
Silver (Silver has been used for hundreds of years as an anti-microbial to fight bacteria and protect against infection.)

These ingredients are proven to help protect, nourish and even regenerate cells.

To find out more about them please visit: FGXpress

Pain Breaker Cream from Health Center for Better Living

For a feel good deep penetrating heat and immediate relief, try our Pain Breaker Cream. It is one of our most re-ordered products. Our Customers swear by it. It is greaseless and non-staining. With the active ingredients of Methyl Salicylate NF 17% and Menthol USP 12% you can feel the deep heat penetrate within minutes of application for near instant relief. Pain Breaker can be used (externally) on all aching parts of the body.

To find out more please visit:

Pure Peppermint Oil & or Deep Blue Blend Oil from doTERRA

Pure peppermint essential oil works wonders for ridding yourself of headache pain or muscle aches. Just a few drops applied directly (or if you are sensitive or need to do a larger area you can mix with coconut oil) brings a tingling cold pain reliving sensation that lasts and dissolves pain away. It works even better when used in conjunction with Deep Blue Oil (a blend of: Blue Chamomile, Blue tansy, Camphor, Helichrysum, Osmanthus, Peppermint, Wintergreen).

For oils please visit: doTERRA

TIP! – For extra strength and deeper muscle penetration apply right after you dry off from a hot shower. *For both pain breaker and the oils you may also place a warm wet wash cloth over the area to help the products penetrate as well.

TIP! – For migraine – put the oils on the part of your head that hurts, then add an ice pack and lay down and relax… the pain should fade pretty quickly. Add more oil if needed.

*All of these products are anti-inflammatory in nature and work with your body to speed pain relief and encourage healing.

Happy Healing!

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