Natural Detox For A Toxic World


Discovering the extent to which toxins seep into our lives and eat away at our health can be frightening. But your body has many ways to minimize the damage they do. Plus, nature’s provided us with a number of ways to help us get rid of this deadly sludge inside of us. Here are 5 super natural detox solutions to help cleanse your body…

#1.  Fasting.  Fasting can be dangerous and put your health at risk if not done carefully. Long fasts – while sometimes useful – should always be done by following a careful protocol.

However, a short, 8-24 hour fast doesn’t carry the same risks with it. In fact, a short break from loading your body with food can do a great job helping your body clean out.

If you decide to do a short fast, here are few pieces of advice: Drink lots of water to help your body flush itself out, get your rest, and stay warm. No need to tax your body unnecessarily.

And keep in mind, while usually people associate fasting with eating nothing, you can also do a moderated fast. Simply take a day to take in only smoothies or clear, vegetable soups. Just lighten the load for a day and enjoy the relief it brings your body.

#2. Yoga and Deep Breathing.  We often forget the power of breathing . . . but with yoga or meditation, we can rediscover it.

Inhaling brings fresh air, loaded with oxygen, into our lungs.  Our exhales let out the carbon-dioxide we’ve produced.

While breathing may seem mundane, it fuels our body’s ability to metabolize and helps increase circulation.

Want to take breathing a step further? Yoga has developed several highly technical ways to take breathing to a whole new level and help your body detox even more effectively.

#3. Minimize Alcohol, Caffeine, and Sugar. Small doses of all these unhealthy chemicals found in food are okay. But often enough we have a hard time stopping at just one cup of coffee . . . or a little wine before dinner.

Before you know it these chemicals become habitual. And as they course through your body, they cause more problems than they’re worth. Caffeine triggers a stress response . . . alcohol depresses your body . . . and too much sugar in your diet can put you at risk for diabetes.

Eat these in moderation. Or go one more step and eliminate them from your diet altogether.

#4.  Avoid Pills When Possible.  Simply put, drugs are synthetic chemicals you put in your body to induce changes in how your body functions.

Of course, they’re meant to get your body to behave in ways that make you feel more comfortable or bring you closer to health.

But too often, they don’t do this very well. And usually they bring along a whole herd of side effects. Unlike natural remedies that humans have used for centuries, many of these chemicals have never been a part of our evolution. Our bodies have no way to handle them when they are introduced.

There can be specific situations where drugs can help. But I always urge my patients to focus on holistic approaches to health first – like nutrition, activity and relaxation techniques. By taking this approach, you give your body the support to heal itself without the exposure to toxins.

#5. Getting A Good Night’s Sleep. You may not know it when you’re dreaming away . . .  but while you’re sleeping your body is busy! Your immune system is at its peak of activity. And your body is busy repairing, distributing and processing.

All of these activities contribute to helping your body get rid of toxins. But new research reveals something even more compelling. Sleep seems to be when your brain clears out toxins that are linked to brain degeneration![2]

So if you want to help your mind clean out, don’t skimp on sleep!

Do not underestimate the impact toxins have on your body! When you reduce the toxic load your body’s been carrying around through a natural detox, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. To see the full list of 10 powerful ways to naturally detox your body, click here now.

Michael Rosenbaum