Moringa Health Benefits – The New Miracle Tree


Moringa Oleifera is currently the ‘big’ thing when it comes to maintaining excellent health. Dubbed as the new miracle tree, there are dozens of known moringa health benefits today.

If you’re one of the few people in search of a supplement that can boost the quality of your life, following are some moringa health benefits you should definitely know about:

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

It’s a little impressive just how much vitamins and minerals that moringa tree has. You’ll find that with one cup full of this plant’s leaves, you’ll be getting the following daily value percentages:

  • 22% of vitamin C
  • 61% of magnesium
  • 41% of potassium
  • 71% of iron
  • 272% of vitamin A
  • 125% of calcium

What does this mean exactly? Well, this means that if you need around 500mg of vitamin C on a daily basis. Moringa already contains 22% of that daily requirement – making it easier for you to reach the ‘healthy levels’ required for optimal body function.


With the surprisingly high iron content, it’s not surprising that moringa is often used as an herbal treatment for anemia. Don’t forget the calcium and vitamin A content – both of which go beyond the daily requirement. These two can help with the eyes, bones, and teeth.


Moringa is also packed with antioxidants which are used to remove toxins in the body. Just one serving of this and you’ll be able to aid your kidneys and liver with their job of removing toxins and helping with digestion. Common problems such as bloating and constipation should be fixed with daily servings of this plant. Remember: antioxidants do a lot for the body. They can boost your energy levels, improve the immune system, fight and prevent cancer, and make your skin smoother and flawless!

Helps with Milk Production

In the Philippines, moringa is traditionally used to help mothers who just gave birth with breastfeeding. When consumed in moderate amounts, moringa can help increase breastmilk production, which essentially means that you can provide your child with better and sufficient amounts of food.


In some countries, the leaves of moringa are often turned into a pulp and placed directly on a wound to aid with the healing process. When ingested however, you can use them to lower inflammation and essentially ease the throbbing or ache in the body.

Researcher found that a moringa root extract may be as powerful to treat pain and inflammation as the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin

Amino Acids

Another plus is the astounding amino acid content of moringa. This tree contains all the important amino acids the body needs to maintain practically everything in your system. Essentially, these amino acids are the driving force behind the body’s ability to repair and create new cells.

Helps with Diabetes

Studies show that moringa also helps with maintaining sugar levels. It manages to balance the sugar in your blood, therefore preventing and controlling symptoms of diabetes. Compared to other maintenance products, moringa manages to deliver excellent results without some of the dreaded side effects. Further studies reveal that it also helps with high blood pressure and even controls cholesterol!

Moringa Oleifera can be ingested through various means. Since it became very popular in the US, you should be able to find moringa powder, which can be added to smoothies and juices, or  moringa tea.

Moringa is reasonably safe for consumption. However, the consumption of Moringa oleifera leaves should not exceed a maximum of 70 grams per day to prevent cumulative toxicity of its essential elements over long periods.


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