How to Make Non-Toxic, Long-Lasting Organic Deodorant?


Eating a good diet and drinking enough water can really cut down the odor, but sometimes you need something else. Sure, the conventional deodorant antiperspirants work great, if you don’t mind infusing your armpits with cancer causing aluminum, Parabens, Propylene glycol and Phthalates chemicals! It also mimics estrogen in the body, which could really mess up your hormone levels. And it may be linked to breast cancer. And it’s linked to Alzheimer’s. Additionally, these antiperspirants are powerful astringents that prevent the toxins in your body from coming out in sweat.

You can make this homemade deodorant spray using all-natural ingredients. It’s so easy and effective you’ll never buy deodorant again. This recipe is simple and all the ingredients are recognizable and safe. This is also a pretty frugal way to go about your arm-pit needs.

How to make your own natural deodorant that works


-1/4 cup baking soda
-1/4 cup arrowroot powder
-5-6 Tbsp Coconut oil
-10 drop of any essential oil(lavender, orange, etc.)


->Combine baking soda, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder and using the spoon, work the mixture until it gets a firm texture.
->Mix in essential oils. Transfer to a container (with lid) and store in the fridge.
->The texture of it should be about the same as store bought.
->This recipe portion should last you for couple of months.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe For Sensitive Skin

Some people can have an adverse reaction to baking soda because of its pH level and this can lead to a slight rash. So here is another recipe which is free from baking soda. This recipe is great because it’s effective, super-frugal, non-toxic, and much less wasteful than conventional deodorant.


3/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch
1/4 cup food grade diatomaceous earth
7-9 tablespoons melted coconut oil


1. Combine diatomaceous earth and arrowroot powder/cornstarch.
2. Add six tablespoons melted coconut oil and mix with a fork. Continue adding coconut oil until the deodorant reaches your preferred consistency.
3. Transfer mixture to a jar with a tight fitting lid.






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