Living Organically Inside And Out


With so many people throwing around the word “organic” recently, you may be confused about what exactly it means. You’ve probably already purchased organic fruit on many occasions, but what does it truly mean to live an organic lifestyle? To live organically means to live naturally. When you choose to embrace an organic lifestyle, you choose to live simply which means that you only purchase products that are healthy for your body and the environment.

One of the most important changes you’ll make when you adopt an organic lifestyle is your diet. You’ll begin by giving your kitchen cabinets an overhaul. Processed food, which includes all prepackaged meals and junk food, and non-organic fruits and vegetables will need to be tossed or donated. Don’t worry! These unhealthy foods will be replaced by clean, wholesome foods that you’ll quickly grow to enjoy. Focus on cooking simply. Instead of using processed white sugar, use fruit to sweeten your recipes. Set out to eat large amounts of greens, and be sure that every meal you prepare is colorful. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, color means nutrition!

Now that you’ve changed your diet, you might feel like you’re already living as organically as possible, but what about your skincare and bath products? Many newly organic families overlook the fact that these products, everything from soap to lotion to lipstick, can be extremely toxic to the body. Be sure that you check nutrition labels and ingredient lists often. If the list contains ingredients with long, confusing names that are unfamiliar to you, you probably shouldn’t buy the product. This is especially true for bath, body, and beauty products. Products like Eminence Organic Skin Care line, which is free of Parabens and Petrolatum, and filled with organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs, are a great alternative to your old skincare products. As a company, Éminence’s priority is to provide customers with safe and healthy skincare options without sacrificing quality. They use fruits and vegetables to dye their products, and they only use organic, natural preservatives, like honey and lemon. Only buy from companies that you know have your best interest at heart.

You also may not realize that the very products that you use to clean your home are often harmful to your body and the environment as well. Household cleaning sprays and laundry and dishwasher detergents are common offenders. Replace them with organic products or homemade, all-natural recipes. Using simple, everyday ingredients like vinegar and baking soda, it’s easy to create your own cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and affordable. You can even get the kids involved. They’ll love helping you measure and mix everything, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’s safe for them to do so.

Leading an organic lifestyle involves some change and a lot of commitment, but once you begin to see all of the positive changes in you and your family members, you’ll realize that it was probably one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Cody Bollerman