Living an Abundant Life


You have to have money to make money.

The old adage really has proven true over time, but is it actually the money?

When you live in a mindset and a vibrational level where you feel lack, that is what occupies your thoughts. When you live an abundant life, money itself is often not the focus. What you want is. What you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to spend your time with, goals you want to achieve, and things you want to attain are. The money only supports the ability to get these things.

I have swung up and down on the financial meter myself. What I have noticed though is that because of the way I was raised – which was not in a household of wealth, my parents did struggle at times when I was growing up, is that your feelings and thoughts about money really do affect your bank account and your concrete reality.

As a kid, my mother loved to go to tag sales (yard sales for all of you not from New England). She always stashed money in the car glove box. When we would find a treasure one of us wanted, she would dig around in there and upon finding money declare “We are rich!” and of course we were able to buy it. Because of that? I genuinely thought we were rich until I was older and went to school. She always made going to the bank fun, getting me lollypops at the drive up and handing me the cash from withdrawals to hold. Even if it was just $10, the amount didn’t matter. I was the holder of the money and I felt important and wealthy.

As I got older and was around other kids I, of course, realized we were indeed not the Rockefellers. We had a modest little house in the woods in Vermont. Though divorced, both of my parents worked in order to support themselves and me, and sometimes they had to tell me “no” on things because I wanted more than we could spend. It was, however, never stated “because we are broke” or “we don’t have the money” it was instead worded “We are focused on other areas right now. That will have to come at some later date.”

As an adult, I have come to find and believe that along with thinking correctly about money it also is vital to have a belief that you, as a human, are divinely supported by the Universe. Trust has to be there that whatever comes your way is for your best and highest good and learning. Life is not always easy. Fear often gets in the way and can block prosperity. Fear of lack is a powerful emotion and when that is what you focus on, unfortunately, you generally will get more of the same.

How do you get to the level emotionally, spiritually and mentally of knowing that no matter what happens you will indeed “always be ok”?

That is a big question. The answer is different for every person because none of us start at the same point on this earth-bound Monopoly board.

Tips for what I have found works:

– Keep some cash on you / around your home…. it seems to attract more. We have moved to a plastic society and it doesn’t have the same effect.

– Continually make and update lists of what you want in your life – to achieve, to be, to buy, whatever. If you want it – write it down.

– Keep your health in check. Eat well and move. If you feel like crap it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything else at all.

– Expect good things to happen. Actively wait for them to show up.

– Meditations from – “Activating the prosperity code” and “Removing the barriers to Prosperity” really helped me. You would be surprised at past life garbage that can block you in this current life. Put down the baggage and walk away!

– Spend money on experiences, not “stuff” and only spend it if it feels good to do so.

Am I some pretend rich guru who has all of the answers? No.

Am I financially wealthy? – depends on whom you compare me too. It’s all relative.

The point is – I FEEL abundant on a core level. Because of that, I have always landed on my feet.

You can too.

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